7 Steps to help SMB leaders select the right ERP System

Whether you’re on Dynamics GP, NAV, or AX, you’re likely in search of the right ERP system, but with the amount of ERP solutions out there, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right one for your company. But don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it seems when you have a step-by-step guide.

Introducing The E.M.P.O.W.E.R. process. This process will guide you to the solution that suits your needs in seven steps. Let’s dive in!   

E-mpower Digital Transformation  

Develop and give priority to your digitalization strategy, outlining the problems you aim to solve and the business outcomes you anticipate. Dedicate sufficient time to evaluating the potential impact that a new cloud ERP can bring to your entire business. 

Conduct a thorough “needs” assessment that defines the specific capabilities that your new ERP system must have to address your problems effectively. This will help you narrow down your options and focus on solutions that align with your needs. Take into consideration the key stakeholders (e.g. IT, CTO, CIO, finance manager, operations manager) from each department to understand their challenges and needs, and consider scalability. When assessing the impact of a new cloud ERP, do proper research and evaluate integrations, data visibility, accessibility, security, and compliance measures, and seek references and pilot tests for a comprehensive evaluation.  

To gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s needs work with a Dynamics Partner like TMC to assist with the Business Process Review (BPR) process, or you can hire an independent firm to conduct it on your behalf.   

87% – 40% – Although 87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a company priority, only 40% have brought digital initiatives to scale” 

M-anage Change

Once you have a strategy in place, make sure to assign an executive sponsor and come up with a plan to effectively manage change and boost adoption. It’s important that every team member knows their role, comprehends the strategy, and is aware of how to initiate process improvements. 

“70% of transformational change efforts fail due to lack of sufficient leadership, communication, and organization-wide buy-in” 

P-artner Selection  

When you start the purchasing process, do some research and compare different vendors. Get in touch with a few sources and ask them for proposals, so you can compare prices, timelines, and the level of support they offer. Also, it’s worth spending some time searching for case studies, customer testimonials, and industry reports. This way, you’ll get valuable insights and see how other businesses in similar situations have benefitted from working with the vendor. It’s important to find the right partner to get the most out of your digital transformation and ensure future growth as your technology and organization evolve. 

Make sure to look for attributes such as: 

  • Experience – Look for a partner that has many years of experience in migration. For example, TMC has over 37 years of experience and have done over 1500 implementations 
  • Competency – Look for clues of competency such as recognition or awards for their past performance. Several awards are granted annually to software implementation B2B companies include, Accounting Today, Clutch Award, Inc 5000, Microsoft Gold Competencies, and Inc. Best Workplaces.  
  • Perspective – The best companies to work with today are those who can offer different perspectives. For example, women-led tech companies can offer an advantage such as tax incentives, a diverse collaboration, better communication, and greater financial gain. 
  • Specific Industry Expertise – Select a partner who has expertise in your industry. For example, TMC has worked with a multitude of companies like WASH Laundry SystemFieldpiece Instruments, Inc., and more in the healthcare and, manufacturing & distribution industry.   
  • Technical and Level of Support – Remember, not all partners are created equal. Seek a partner who has the ideal company size big enough to deliver you the expertise you need to grow and support your complex requirements, and small enough to provide you white-glove service where every client is treated with the utmost care. 
  • ISV Partners – Work with a partner who is flexible with working with your current ISV partners and has proof of strong relationships with their ISV partners. 

O-utcome Mapping

Create process maps that align with your team and department’s desired business outcomes. Modern ERP offers a wide range of capabilities that can support various lines of business and functions. By defining your success criteria through business and process outcomes, you can effectively map out the essential capabilities needed to achieve your desired results. 

When it comes to our Business Process Review (BPR), mapping is one of TMC’s core strengths . With over 1500 projects successfully mapped, we will provide you a clear outline of how you’ll achieve your goals. Whether your objective is to improve supply chain efficiency or optimize financial processes, we have the experience and right team to guide you. Our diverse team comes from various industries, ensuring we have the resources and knowledge to deliver seamlessly.  

W-rite a Business Case  

Use the progress you made in the previous steps to create a strong argument for change. Highlight both the business and technological impact, providing all the necessary details about what to expect, the potential return on investment (ROI), and the expected timeline. 

76% of executives agree that organizations need to dramatically reengineer the experiences that bring technology and people together in a more human-centric manner” 

E-mbrace Digitalization  

Help your team see the value in digital transformation by creating immersive experiences that promote the adoption of new technologies and processes, aligning with the newly introduced strategy and structure. Quantify the ROI and financial benefits, while also establishing a well-defined timeline and implementation plan.   

Work with a Dynamics partner, like TMC, who will establish a feasible and suitable timeline and offer continuous support. You’ll receive the expertise needed to train and prepare your staff for a smooth implementation of the new system. 

“2x- Companies move twice as fast on digital transformation when there is a shared understanding – among senior leaders, strategists and the org as a whole – of the digital path ahead” 

R-ealizing Results 

Digital transformation is a journey, set clear milestones, measure results, and celebrate successes along the way.

TMC can help you approach to this step by working closely with your company’s vital employees during the BPR to set realistic expectations about the scope of the project plan, and the capabilities of the ERP system that will be deployed. This will provide the end-users to have realistic expectations of the new system and result in higher satisfaction of the adoption. 

Need Guidance? 

Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Technology Management Concepts. Our comprehensive services encompass risk management for your business, budgeting assistance for upcoming Dynamics projects, defining implementation scope, creating detailed process flow, developing holistic work instructions, and planning for continuous process improvement. 

Request a Free one-hour Business Process Review today! 

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