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Have Documentation & Recommendations that Will Give You a Roadmap to Success for Your ERP/CRM Implementation

Business Process Review

Step 1

1 Hour FREE
System Review

Understand your company requirements
(TMC will review your current Microsoft Dynamics environment, discuss your main pain points
and define the support required.)


1 hour of ERP/CRM consultation

Step 2 (Choose 1 of the options below)

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** Virtual Full System Review **

Review current processes & full system review
(TMC provides documentation of processes, recommendations for Dynamics optimization & Statement of Work for any determined projects.)

— 10 users or less $2,500 (1 day) —
— 11 to 20 users $5,000 (2 day) —
— 20 users or more $7,500 (3 day) —

* If customer changes partner to TMC, we will credit back 25% of services from on-site session cost *

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** Remote High Level Review **

Review current processes & high level recommendations

— $300 —

* If customer changes partner to TMC, we will credit back 100% of services *

Why do you need a business process review?

—   Does it feel like your Dynamics system (or current internal CRM/ERP system) is implemented but all of the knowledge lies with one employee?

—   Or worse, the knowledge resides with your current Microsoft partner and you feel reliant on them for even the smallest task?

—   Do you wish you had documentation of the usage and effectiveness of your Dynamics system and other systems that are crucial?

If you are not sure you need a Business Process Review, here are reasons why our customers are requesting it:

  • Risk management
  • Budget your 2023 Dynamics project costs
  • Define implementation scope
  • Create the process flow detail
  • Develop a detailed work instruction for holistic view
  • Have a plan for continuous process improvement

Over the years, knowledge erosion takes place as new employees come on, old employees leave, and so on. A Business Process Review can help “right the ship,” and get the solution back on track as it was originally intended.

The biggest mistake when implementing a Dynamics solution comes down to the failure to document current procedures & users tasks from their current systems, & see how those requirements would “fit” in an upgraded or new system.

If customers/other ERP providers wait too long to focus on these crucial steps which happen during a Business Process Review, it becomes an afterthought in the midst of the implementation…..leading to failure.