The TMC Automation Framework make systems integration a snap

TMC Automation Framework is the solution that you have been searching for.

Systems Integration

The phrase alone can be terrifying to many people, and they will likely all have a horror story about previous attempts to successfully deploy a system integration. Their experience, however vivid, is likely a relic of an attempt made in the far distant past, meaning prior to say 2009? The alternative to an integrated system, of course, is to deploy an “all-in-one” solution, but they have their own serious limitations. (No system is an expert at everything; by their nature all-in-one systems are making compromises somewhere).

There is good news!

The tools, technologies and correlating best practices are now rewritten and vastly improved, allowing for multiple “best of breed” systems to be fully integrated. This approach allows the system best suited for a specific task, to perform that task, and then through an automated systems integration, that task is “known” to the other systems. The integration may be providing “read-only” information to the destination system, or could be moving the task forward to the next processing step.

Previous systems integration solutions were limited, either to the available destinations in Dynamics ERP (no support for manufacturing in GP, for example), or were faced with a “speed limit” as to the total number of transactions that could be successfully imported. These limitations are a thing of the past.

There is a better solution

Imagine if any type of transaction or master record in Dynamics GP could be entered or updated automatically, continuously and in the background without human intervention? Create a new integration batch just by copying the source files to a specific file directory, and they will be automatically processed within seconds? Need feedback about the status of your integration? Get an instant emailed report of the success and failure of each record or in summary in a specific update. Consider how much time and work this would save and how more efficiently your day-to-day operations could perform.

Technology Management Concepts’s Automation Framework is the solution that you have been searching for.

The Automation Framework runs in the background and can pull data from practically any source at any time or cycle – ranging from once a day/night, week, or month to every 30 seconds*.

TMC can create integrations to your eCommerce platform, POS systems, CRM, membership management, the list goes on.

Systems integrations are essential to deploying the best task-specific solution your business requires. Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information your company relies on, eliminate the manual intervention and duplicate entry your current work-arounds requires, and free valuable time for more productive purposes.

TMC Automation Framework

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