Microsoft Azure Cloud Business Solution

What are the benefits of choosing the Microsoft Azure Cloud for your Business Solutions?

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What is the TMC Azure Cloud Offering?

TMC’s Cloud offering is a Virtual Private Cloud* powered by Microsoft Azure. With Microsoft Azure, you will get security from the ground up, backed up by a team of experts at both Microsoft & TMC with proactive compliance that is trusted by enterprises, governments & startups. TMC also offers Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) which includes a host of features to enhance your cloud environment.

  • The TMC Azure Cloud (T.A.C.) is specifically set up for your Business Solutions (ERP/CRM/…) environment, with an experienced team to migrate your software to the cloud & support your digital transformation.
  • The T.A.C. is not a shared environment as you can find with other hosting providers. With TMC, you have your own virtual machine enhancing your systems’ security.
  • The T.A.C. allows Scalability! It is easy-to-deploy and has the ability to scale your system up and down. Moreover, the use of separate Virtual Machines increases your agility.

*A private cloud refers to cloud computing resources used exclusively by a single business or organization. A private cloud can be physically located on the company’s on-site datacenter. Some companies also pay third-party service providers to host their private cloud. A private cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network.

Better Support, Up-time and more

The TMC Azure Cloud is powered by Microsoft Azure with an up-time of 99.9%, which reduces your downtime so you can depend on your system for your 24/7 business. The T.A.C. takes the stress off your IT resources – with self-service password reset, full backups, and disaster recovery.

  • Up to 50GB of disk space for every 10 named users (disk space for Windows, Office or other programs/system files does not count as part of the disk space allocation)
  • Setup for each remote desktop user on one computer of their choice with training
  • Setup for default printers and access to local drives for each remote desktop user
  • Data Protection services utilizing Windows and SQL Server backups are included for all SQL databases and user files
  • Daily Backups made to a network server and retained for 28 days
  • Archive backups to Azure:
    • on Sundays each week with 4-week retention,
    • once per month on the last day of the calendar month with 12-month retention,
    • once per year on December 31 with a 7-year retention
  • Period tests of backups/restore
  • Bandwidth for the Hosting system traffic is included

“Premier Support Plan” Benefits

By default, your Azure Subscription only includes the “Basic” Support Plan. You can upgrade your support plan to the “Developer” ($29/month), the “Standard” ($100/month), or the “Professional Direct” ($1000/month) support plan at an additional monthly cost.

With the TMC Azure cloud, you have access to the Microsoft Premier Support Plan at no cost, saving $1000 each month. (The Premier Support Plan is a unique Support plan for Gold Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, it is quite similar to the “Professional Direct” plan with some extra benefits.)

This plan gives you 24/7 access to an extended network of Microsoft Business Solutions specialists with the best expertise for any Microsoft products. With the fastest initial response of one hour or less, the Microsoft Premier Support Plan allows you to focus on your business, not your systems.

Security and Recovery

Frees up your IT staff from being in charge of your backups and recovery, giving you a business continuity plan without the expense of secondary infrastructure. Peace of mind during outages that are planned and unplanned.

With Microsoft Azure’s security that your data is safe and secure!

Microsoft provides you with built-in security services to help identify threats early at a level that would be difficult to duplicate in an individual business.

The TMC Azure Cloud allows you to not worry about the Physical Security to your servers. No more “Air Condition Controlled Server rooms” or worry about outside disasters.

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Simplify your IT Expenses and Server Structures

In a traditional (non-cloud) business setting, your business solutions would require individual licenses for all who are using it. Not to mention the space-hogging server systems required to store all that data, and the IT people who command high salaries. The beauty of the cloud-based business solution is that you can take reams of data, space, and salaries; condense them into an area off-site, for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems storage and servicing solutions.

Reduce your Updates Costs and Labor

Traditional business solutions required frequent updating. Whenever a software company rolled out an update or patch, individual companies were liable for the downtime, labor for the IT people to come in and babysit updates. With a cloud-based solution, those financial and logistical nightmares are eradicated. In the cloud, your updates are automated and performed while you sleep, or vacation, or over the weekend. In the cloud, your updates take a fraction of the time and are handled by somebody else, automatically. This equates to much less expense in keeping your technological edge.

Revolutionize your Data Usage

Cloud-based business solutions offer the user all the benefits of the software in the cloud.

No longer does a company have to buy individual (and expensive) copies of programs that are licensed to individual users or computers. In the cloud, your business solutions are accessible to all who need them, for one price.

Your hosted business solutions are called IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) as they use the power of the cloud to increase their efficacy.

You purchase the software usage and pay a monthly fee to continue using the software. Some benefits of Cloud-based systems:

  • Less expense.
  • Flexibility.
  • More inclusive to all employees who need to access it.
  • All updating and software compliance issues handled off-site.
  • Scaled ERP cloud solutions for every type of business.
  • More secure than on-site servers and interface platforms.

Secure your applications and your company

Cloud safety is completely superior to server/IT/multiple access point safety for many reasons:

  • Your servers are stored in state of the art encrypted vaults with layers of additional security wrapped around them. Regular sweeps performed by both humans and machines verify that no hacker shenanigans have slipped through the safety net.
  • All your data is backed up automatically, according to your needs. (Hourly, daily, weekly). If a catastrophic failure occurs, anywhere, your data is protected and preserved. You won
  • Cloud providers create different “portals” for access to and from your company to theirs. By doing this they can analyze and limit traffic, the first step in providing a secure storage platform.

Scale to Fit your Business budget

You may be just starting out, or you may be well-established and thinking about opening a new branch office. Wherever you are in the evolution of your company, cloud business solutions can be tailored to your needs and budget.

In addition to tailoring to your needs, our Azure consultants will work with you and your team to find and execute the best blend of training to meet your organization’s needs. For example, our Dynamics 365 Business Central training is exceptional in order for you to take full advantage of your Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation. Or you can also go with our Dynamics 365 Business Central training demo videos. Being able to fully understand your business Solution migration will lead to streamlining processes, which then leads to higher ROI.


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