ERP Software Solution – Provides Your Team With Real-Time Access to Vital Data

The bottom line of doing business is increasing productivity and at the same time reducing costs, and ERP software is the solution that can accomplish both. With so many benefits and few drawbacks, it is tough to single out one feature as the best, but the fact that ERP systems can be customized to suit businesses of all sizes is a definite plus. That element alone levels the playing field, giving small and medium-sized businesses the same operational advantages that the “big guys” have access to.

ERP Software Provides Your Team with Real-Time Access

ERP software provides your team with real-time access to vital data across a range of departments to facilitate expense projections, purchase order creation and review, various accounting functions, and even HR tasks such as employee training. With data tracking, analytics, and accounting all centralized on one system, money is saved on equipment, servers, and software. Also, integrating the various programs means that a smaller staff can perform more tasks, more efficiently. Consolidating all of your company’s data on one system does more than improve productivity and save money, it also makes strategic planning more manageable. Just imagine how easy it would be to create a strategic plan when you can access information such as costs, demographics, financials, supply chain data and more all within one, user-friendly system.

At Technology Management Concepts, we specialize in matching businesses with the ideal ERP software. That’s why after 30 years in the ERP industry we chose to become a Microsoft exclusive shop. Microsoft Dynamics ERP was the industry leader when they entered the market place in 2000 and they are still at the top of the mountain 15 years later even though there are many other competitors in the ERP market place. For those of you who don’t know Microsoft Dynamics back story, in 2000 Microsoft acquired Great Plains (who previously acquired RealWorld and Solomon) and Navision (who previously acquired Axapta). Most thought Microsoft was going to merge these solutions into an ERP powerhouse, they decided to support all 4 ERP platforms separately and do an impressive job at continuing to advance these solutions independently while supplementing their Microsoft “stack” with seamless integrations to Microsoft Office, SQL, Outlook, etc. In addition with the emergence of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, companies now more than ever can truly have “One Business Solution” by going Microsoft and be scalable, mobile, and have ultimate business insight, making your ERP decision an easy one.

So while all the “old school” ERP users in the industry might still refer to it as “Great Plains” or “Navision”, now all the products are referred to as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics AX. Then Microsoft built from the ground up Microsoft Dynamics CRM which integrates to all of the ERP platforms available. The Axapta and Navision products offer strong distribution and manufacturing capabilities and are far more popular in Europe than in North America (although both products have gained steam in the past few years in North America). Great Plains remains a channel favorite and offers the strongest financials among the MS product suites. Solomon also has a loyal VAR channel, strong Financials and a competitively strong project accounting and job cost suite. Great Plains and Solomon have deeper channel resources and far more market share in the United States than Navision and Axapta.

The Experienced and Professional ERP Software Solution Team

At TMC we’re a team of CPAs, Accountants, Controllers, CFOs and others who have real-world business experience and who also happen to love software. We make it our business to get to know your business so we can recommend the perfect ERP solution to you, but we don’t stop there. Once we’ve determined which system suits you best, Technology Management Concepts will manage the ERP implementation and will be there with ongoing training and support for your team. When you choose TMC, you get a partner for life.