Microsoft Licensing Assessment

You May Be Spending Too Much on Your Microsoft Licensing
(and you might not even know it…)

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Let TMC Make You a Licensing Hero!

Complete our Microsoft Licensing Assessment and learn how you can:

  1. Save Money
  2. Centralize your billing through ONE partner
  3. Get Support for ALL your Microsoft solutions through ONE partner

“What stood out was Brett’s thoroughness in ensuring there was no overlap and that every license was optimally utilized. The outcome? Not just a consolidation of our Microsoft licensing but substantial cost savings that surpassed our expectations, all thanks to TMC’s approach and expertise.”

– Kenny R. – CIO

You might not know it but you could help your company save tens of thousands of dollars annually… Would you like to see how much you could save your company in 2024? Want to look like a hero!? Let’s talk Microsoft Licensing!


That’s how much we’ve helped clients save on their licensing each year through our simple licensing optimization and consolidation tactics. Many companies overspend on unnecessary licenses and miss out on available discounts. TMC can help identify these opportunities and save your company money!

During our focused Licensing Assessment, we will:

  1. Conduct a 15-minute call to discuss your current licensing situation.
  2. Identify your existing licenses and determine the ones you actually need, while securing the best pricing through discounts and promotions.
  3. Develop a licensing strategy to save you money and prevent billing and logistical nightmares associated with multiple vendors!

“Our journey with Brett and TMC started with a focus on Microsoft licensing, but it evolved into a comprehensive solution that revolutionized our licensing management entirely.”

– Kenny R. – CIO

Make Me a HERO!
Help me SAVE my company thousands.

Microsoft Licensing Hero

“I cannot emphasize enough the incredible impact Brett and the team at TMC have had on our company’s licensing strategy. When we first engaged with TMC, our main focus was on managing our Microsoft licensing more efficiently. Not only did Brett expertly guide us through the migration process to TMC for centralized management, but he also conducted meticulous sessions to review all our existing licenses.

What’s even more commendable is that beyond Microsoft licensing, Brett and his team went above and beyond, streamlining and consolidating various other licenses under a single vendor. This move not only simplified our processes but also ensured a more cohesive and manageable system across the board.

The partnership with TMC has been invaluable, delivering not just savings but a newfound efficiency and clarity in our licensing landscape.”

Kenny R. – CIO