Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Formerly named Microsoft Teams Phone, Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based telephony solution in Microsoft Teams that offers phone system capabilities like call park, call forwarding, auto attendants, call queues, audio conferencing, and calling plans.

Business Voice can be added to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include Microsoft Teams (up to 300 licenses).

Why Implement Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

Microsoft 365 Business Voice for SMB Customers






* Statistics from a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study

In 2022, Microsoft hired Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to assess the potential return on investment (ROI) that businesses could realize by implementing Teams Phone. As a result, both large enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) experienced a return on investment (ROI) of 143% and 146% respectively, with a payback period of less than six months.  

Legacy telephony solutions create disconnects

Traditional private branch exchange (PBX) or legacy IP-based telephony solutions can hold enterprise back

Legacy BPX or IP-based phone solutions:

Lack modern functionality & integrations

Increase costs & require significant IT investment

Slow down communication & productivity

Microsoft Business Voice transforms voice calling

Microsoft Business Voice is the only native calling solution for Microsoft Teams. This solution reduces cost and improves collaboration by centralizing all employee communication in a single, context-rich environment.

Companies that invest in Business Voice:

Reduce licensing and usage costs.
Minimize management burden on IT.
Save time and collaborate more effectively.

Three-year enterprise benefits of implementing Business Voice:




TCO Savings


Benefits (Present value)


Net Present Value

Three-year savings for enterprise


Three-year benefit for enterprise


Decrease in effort for enterprise telephony support

From 2-3 full-time employees

Cost savings from retiring legacy phone solutions

Business Voice reduces or eliminates long-distance call charges, international call charges, and mobile phone reimbursement. And further reduces the need for telephony support. It can be managed using the same admin center as Microsoft 365, reducing complexity and the need for specialized skills.

More efficient communication

Business Voice enhances efficiency for workers by simplifying business procedures and removing inconvenient shifting across platforms and devices.

Cost Savings

Microsoft 365 Business Voice eliminates the need for costly infrastructure and hardware associated with traditional phone lines by utilizing internet-based communication tools such as VoIP. Additionally, because Business Voice is included in the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suite (with add-on license), businesses can avoid the cost of purchasing additional communication software. 

Microsoft Business Voice Pricing – Cost Breakdown for SMB Per Month

Microsoft 365 Business Voice Traditional Phone
Startup Cost $0 $1,000 – $2,000
Business Voice License Cost $15.00/User $35 – $50/ Phone Line
Hardware $50 – $200 VOIP Phon or Headset/User $300 – $1,000/ User
Maintenance Cost $0 $50 – $200/ Month

When it comes to cost, using Microsoft Business Voice has advantages over traditional copper phone lines. One of the benefits of Microsoft Business Voice, as shown in the price breakdown chart, is that there are no installation costs because it can be set up over the internet. Furthermore, monthly subscription fees for Microsoft Business Voice are typically lower than those for traditional copper phone lines, and there are typically no call usage fees. Microsoft Business Voice also has more features, such as video conferencing and call recording, and is thought to be more reliable than traditional copper phone lines.  

In addition to the cost savings, users gain access to a range of services and advantages such as business-class email, cloud storage, use of Microsoft 365 apps, cutting-edge security measures, and round-the-clock support. 

Better security and business continuity 

Because Business Voice is integrated into Microsoft 365, it comes with the entire security stack. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 Business Voice makes voice calling easier for employees who work remotely. 

Happier employees and customers 

Business Voice‘s user-friendly interface and remote work support have been instrumental in providing an excellent employee experience, while customers are satisfied because Microsoft solutions enable seamless communication and collaboration with businesses. 

Can You Implement Microsoft 365 Business Voice on Your Own?

Yes, you can implement Microsoft 365 Business Voice on your own. Still, it can be very time-consuming, and you can run into several challenges. Here are three things to consider when deciding whether to implement it on your own or involve a partner: 

  • 1

    Implementing Microsoft Teams Voice is complex: Implementation requires specialized knowledge and experience because of its complexity. Many users don’t have the expertise or experience to implement Microsoft Teams Voice effectively. 

  • 2

    Implementing Microsoft Teams Voice by yourself is time-consuming and costly: Implementation entails planning, researching, testing, and configuring the system. Doing this alone can be daunting, especially with limited IT resources or experience. It can lead to costly mistakes and delays impacting your business operations.

  • 3

    Working with a Microsoft Partner can make the process easier, faster, and more accurate: Working with a Microsoft Partner like TMC can save you time and money in the long run. With their extensive experience and expertise in implementing Microsoft Teams Voice, a Microsoft Partner can guide you through the implementation process. 

Benefits of Implementing Microsoft Teams Voice with TMC 

Implementing Microsoft Teams Voice with TMC can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries. Here are four major benefits that you can expect from TMC: 

  • Improved communication and collaboration: TMC is experienced in implementing Microsoft Teams Voice. Your business will enjoy a feature-rich solution that enables employees to communicate and collaborate effectively, regardless of location. 

  • Increased productivity and efficiency: TMC can help your business streamline communication and collaboration workflows, reduce unnecessary interruptions, and improve task management, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction: With TMC’s tailored solutions and expertise, your business can implement advanced features such as call routing, call queues, and interactive voice response (IVR), resulting in enhanced customer service and satisfaction.  TMC will also be available for technical support in the event there is an issue with your cloud phones. 

  • Cost savings and ROI: TMC’s tailored solutions and expertise can help your business to optimize its communication and collaboration workflows, reduce unnecessary costs, and improve its bottom line. 

Microsoft Teams Voice is crucial for businesses. It enables seamless communication and collaboration between employees, teams, and departments. However, implementing Microsoft Teams Voice can be a challenging task. It’s possible to do it on your own. However, it requires significant time, specialized knowledge, and experience. Working with a Microsoft partner can make the process faster, easier, and more accurate. 

A Microsoft partner can help you save time and resources in the long run. You must engage a partner with experience and expertise in implementing Microsoft Teams Voice. They should offer tailored solutions, have a proven track record, and commit to providing excellent customer service and support. 

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