TMC Customer Care

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At TMC, Customer Care is our primary concern. Our customers are given a Client Account Manager and a Solutions Consultant to ensure that all of their needs are met quickly and efficiently. Your Client Account Manager will be introduced to your company at the beginning of your implementation project. Working closely with your Project Manager, the Client Account Manager is responsible for coordinating all of the activities related to licensing the software needed for your new system.

After the implementation project is complete, your Client Account Manager is responsible for understanding your business, maintaining a strong relationship with you, and providing a single point of contact for all licensing and account-related activities.

Functioning as your primary contact within the TMC organization, your Client Account Manager is the first person to call if you have any questions or additional needs. From that initial contact, your Client Account Manager is responsible for ensuring that your requirements are resolved to your satisfaction, by calling upon the appropriate TMC resources, from the sales team to application consultants and technical resources.

Product Licensing questions

Your Client Account Manager can address all of your questions about your Microsoft Dynamics licenses and other system components. He is always available for you.

Upgrades and additional products

Your Client Account Manager will contact you about new product releases and upgrades, and can work with you to identify any additional products that will complement your changing business needs and requirements.

Enhancements and Renewals

Your Client Manager will help your business and work with you to better coordinate your annual licensing renewal and product enhancements to stay continuously up-to-date.

After the ERP implementation

Your AM can provide any training needed after the implementation of your system, whether adding users or employees, or if you have purchased additional products and enhancements to your original system.

More than provider, we are partner!

TMC’s Solutions Consultant works with our existing clients by conducting research meetings, documenting system and process requirements, providing live product demonstrations and monthly webinars, and by identifying solutions to your ongoing business requirements. The Solution Consultant is available as a non-billable resource to help you explore the entire Dynamics 365Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV et Dynamics CRM product lines, as well as additional products from our ISV partners.

Working together, the Client Account Manager and the Solutions Consultant provide our clients with a wide spectrum of full-service product knowledge and support. Feel free to direct any questions or concerns to these dedicated professionals.


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