GP to BC Migration Assessment

Dynamics GP to D365 Business Central
Migration Assessment

Let’s Talk about life after Dynamics GP and
Start planning your roadmap today!

GP to BC Migration Assessment
GP to BC Migration Assessment

Start planning TODAY!

Whether you migrate NOW or 1, 2, or 3 years from now, let us help you plan the roadmap to your future life after Dynamics GP.

WE KNOW THAT… Dynamics GP has been a popular and reliable financial management solution for the last 20 years. We also know that the GP roadmap ends in 2028 and Microsoft is actively telling Dynamics GP customers that THE FUTURE OF GP IS BC.

Since Business Central was released in 2017, TMC has helped many of our GP clients transition to BC. We have a strong team of experts ready to assist you with your BC implementations and perform complex GP-to-BC migrations.​

Jennifer Harris

“We have traveled a long way with our trusty GP, but we can’t help falling in love with BC. We had various options, but as a committed partner in the Microsoft ecosystem, we see BC as the logical next step for our GP customers.”

Jennifer Harris – TMC President

Let’s Talk about life after GP

GP to BC Migration Assessment

In less than five years the Dynamics GP roadmap ends…

Let us walk you through the process and provide you with a recommendation on how Dynamics 365 Business Central meets the unique needs of your company.

With this system assessment, you will:

  • Understand the requirements, processes, and best practices for implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central.​
  • Obtain a timeline & roadmap for your GP to BC migration.​
  • Obtain proposal & all costs (implementation, licensing, etc.) for your GP to BC migration.

Are you and your company prepared for what comes next?

We know that your company is a great candidate to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central from Dynamics GP. Below outlines just a few reasons why:​

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – Keep expenses within budget guidelines.
  • Familiar to Your People – Look and feel of Outlook and Dynamics GP.
  • Fuels Business Productivity – Role-based home pages.
  • Scalable MS SQL database – Grows as your business grows.
  • Features/Functionality – Robust out-of-the-box functionality.

30 MIN

Fill out the Dynamics GP to
D365 BC evaluation form​

  • System Review of your current GP.​
  • Client’s Goals and expectations.​
  • Pain Points in Dynamics GP or Current Manual Processes.
  • Any Current Projects or Enhancements in Progress.

60 MIN

Call with our VP of Consulting
and our VP of Sales​

  • We will review the evaluation form, your current GP environment, goals/expectations, and items you want to change in your future BC system.​
  • We will also provide you information on a high level on the differences between GP/BC, how TMC goes about our migrations, and the project team.​

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GP Drive Your Business?

Jennifer Harris

“Much like the electric car, the Cloud has arrived, and it will be a critical part of most organizations’ long-term strategy, including their ERP… Business Central is a powerful vehicle for the future of ERP. It is robust and scalable, making it a natural evolution for GP.”

by Jennifer Harris – TMC President

[Article] Microsoft confirms Dynamics GP Roadmap through 2028.

Mike Morton

“Microsoft will continue releasing GP regulatory & security updates, but the Oct 2022 release was the last release adding other new features. BC will be the focus of Microsoft’s investments in the SMB segment. To transform your business, we recommend moving to BC.”

by Mike Morton – Microsoft SVP