Microsoft Azure | Get started with Azure IaaS
Let’s start with Hosting your Microsoft Dynamics Solutions to Azure.

  • Do you have a Microsoft Dynamics NAV or GP server that you are tired of administering?
  • Do you currently pay a VAR thousands of dollars to administer your Dynamics GP / NAV systems?
  • How far behind is your organization’s Great Plains / Navision version?
  • Still running 2010 due to the difficulty of going through the upgrade of your customized system?
  • Want access to Great Plains or NAV from anywhere in the world?

If you choose TMC’s hosted product for your ERP system we will not only migrate your NAV/GP system to the Microsoft Azure cloud, but also upgrade your system your GP/NAV system! This is potentially tens of thousands of dollars of work you can forego by choosing TMC’s hosted product.

How does Microsoft Azure benefit you in moving your ERP?

The major benefit to customers who are looking to move to the cloud are doing so to get away from the server, networking, and internet costs. Azure allows us to create new servers for your company quickly while also giving access to Microsoft datacenter level reliability, world-class internet speeds, and backup/disaster recovery in the event something happens to your system. You no longer need to invest in hardware, negotiate telco contracts, or worry with the physical requirements of your system (server Rooms, climate-control systems, access control, etc.).

If you are not into the system’s benefits, then how important is never having to worry with Great Plains support or upgrades again? TMC is a Gold Microsoft Partner and has hundreds of GP customers across North America. If you decide to be hosted through us in Azure your entire GP infrastructure will be managed by us at no additional cost. This includes upgrading your Dynamics GP during the migration process bringing you to the latest version at a significantly reduced cost to you. We have decades of experience with GP and are able to move your entire system no matter how customized or how complicated your current setup may be.

What to do before we start your Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

We will do a system review of your current setup.

  • What version of GP/NAV are you currently running on?
  • What version of Windows Server and SQL Server are you currently running on?
  • Which third party add-ins are you running (MICR, eConnect, Greenshades, etc.)?
  • (Most importantly) How many users access your GP/NAV system today?
  • (Finally) Do you currently have an O365 or M365 subscription (We ask because this is required). If no, don’t worry we can help you get a M365 too as we are a full-service Microsoft solution provider.

What do you need to know about your Azure migration? How does it work?

We will then estimate the class (how powerful) of servers in the Azure cloud your company would require. The standard template is we provide a SQL Server for your ERP databases and (depending on the user count) a single Remote Desktop server which your users can connect to for running the application.

We will build out the entire cloud environment for you including the security required to allow your users to login from anywhere while also keeping any bad actors out of your system. Next, we create your user accounts which include the necessary internal security policies required to the hosted environment. Finally, we download copies of your data from the current environment, load it into the Hosted servers, and walk through the upgrade.

Once the upgrade is completed, we will run some processes and reports in your current Dynamics system to compare against post upgrade in the Azure environment. This makes sure that all the data is lined up and ready for users to start using the system.

In addition to the above, we also offer additional security and Azure Services for your user accounts. Since the user account is the easiest way for a dangerous party to get access to your system, we have strict password policies in place for all customers as well as we offer Self Service Password Reset and Multi-Factor Authentication to all customers in the hosted environment.

Disaster Recovery (DR) | Backup policy for your hosting environment

  • Machine and File System Backups
    • Retained daily for 7 days
    • Weekly Saturday backups retained for 2 weeks
  • SQL Server Database Backups
    • Daily Full backups are stored in an Azure Recover Service Vault for 365 days
    • Last Daily Full Backup of the year will be retained for 7yrs
    • Hourly Transaction Log Backups are stored in an Azure Recover Service Vault for 30 days
  • VM Disaster Recovery to East US Region (implementing in 2021 Q4)

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