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Role-Based Scenarios Dynamics 365 Business Central demo, tailored specifically for key members of an SMB organization.

Some factors that drive the decision for a company to replace their existing accounting solution include:

  • Can’t see what’s going on in the business
  • Legacy solution requires on-premise infrastructure that takes too much time to maintain
  • Their competition is moving to the cloud
  • Current system was fine for a while, starting to take too long to use, get reports, etc.
  • Growth of staff exposes system up to security or data loss issues.
  • Existing systems begin to break at the seams and hire an in-house accountant or find a better solution.
  • Existing systems can become time-intensive to support as manual workarounds are required to scale
  • Business process control is mostly manual and failing

Deep Exploration of Dynamics 365 Business Central for beginners

UserGroup Summit | The Do’s and Don’ts with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central | Role-Based Demo

Business Owner’s Core Responsibilities usually include:

  • How to manage cash
  • Target and attract new customers
  • Maintain relationship with existing customers
  • Control expenses
  • Hire and retain good employees
  • Reduce time required to analyze sales and financials
  • Quickly resolve problems with payments from customers

In this demo for Business Owners, learn how to:

  • Use KPI’s to check the health of the business
  • Manage Cash inflows and outflows
  • Identify current trends and opportunities
  • Review Customer Payments and Receivables

Sales rep or business development executives needs are:

  • Opportunity management
  • Mobility
  • Immediate access to sales history, inventory levels
  • Identify trends to maximize time

In this demo for the Sales Rep, learn how to:

  • Enter a Sales Quote from an Outlook email
  • Send the new Quote via email
  • Negotiate the terms of the Quote
  • Convert the Quote to Sales Order

Bookkeeper’s core responsibilities include:

  • Creating invoices
  • Paying bills on time
  • Balancing the bank statements
  • Creating financial statements

In this demo for Bookkeepers, learn how to:

  • Easily enter a Vendor’s Purchase Invoice
  • Use OCR to automate the Purchase Invoice process
  • Stay current with your Vendor balances
  • Easily send payments to your Vendors

In this D365 BC demo for Accountants and Bookkeepers, learn how to:

  • Purchase Invoice Entry
  • Personalization
  • Payments
  • General Journals
  • Copy & Paste
  • Navigation & Reporting
    • Trial Balance
    • Lists

The External Accountant Responsabilities:

  • Handles the books or audits the books
  • Helps with tax services, payroll and bookkeping
  • Works with the bookkeeper to drill into data
  • Ensures their customer doesn’t do something foolish

How your Dynamics 365 BC roles can extend to your external CPA/Accountant:

  • Create External Accountant
  • Enter the details
  • Send the invite
  • Your accountant accepts

The Marketing Manager Responsabilities:

  • Reduce the number of clicks
  • Limit errors and ensure data accuracy
  • Track Campaign frofitability

How your Dynamics 365 BC can meet the needs and requirements for your Marketing Manager:

  • Create and manage campaigns
  • Monitor Opportunities and Customers
  • Measure Campaign profitability
  • Attract new Customers
  • Maintain relationship with existing Customers
  • Access to customer history and trends

Dynamics 365 Business Central | How-To Training Series

Our company has opened a new Sales Channel, and we need a new Revenue Account to track the activity, and to re-class prior posted amounts:

  • Create a new GL Account
  • Create a Journal Entry
  • Post the Journal Entry

How to Create a New Customer and Email their Sales Invoice:

  • Create a new customer
  • Create a Sales Invoice for the new customer
  • Email the Sales Invoice to the customer

Learn how the dynamics 365 Business Central Smartphone Application works:

  • Home Page
  • Business Assistance
  • Favorite Accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • PowerBI Reports
  • Quick Links

Learn how to automate Business Process Approval so you can:

  • Standardize informal approvals
  • Eliminate Manual Steps
  • No More “Cracks”

Learn how to manage your inventory levels:

  • Review Top Selling Items
  • Check Inventory and Vendor Lead Time
  • Place Purchase Invoice
  • Post

Learn how to process invoices:

  • Enter Quote
  • Email Sales Quote to Customer
  • Convert Quote to Invoice
  • Email Invoice to Customer

Learn how to connect to Power BI:

  • Connect Power BI to D365BC
  • OData Connections
  • Power BI Apps
  • Reports vs Workspaces

Learn how to process A/P Payment in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Vendors
  • A/P Invoice Entry
  • A/P Aging
  • Payment (ACH & Checks)

Learn how to process use Basic Workflows in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • The basics in the workflow module
  • The workflow templates
  • The workflow setups conditions and responses

Learn how to use basic workflows in Dynamics 365 Business Central (Pt 2):

  • Workflow Approval Process
    • Create new transaction
    • Request approval
    • Receive notifications
    • Approve transaction

Tips and Tricks for Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Some basic shortcuts inside Business Central
  • Some keyboard shortcuts to allow you to work with less reliance on the mouse
  • We’ll also look at some tips for searching inside Business Central
  • Filtering inside Business Central when we’re working with list

How to Create a Basic Jet Report in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Customer Aging Report
  • Sales Transaction Report
  • Inventory Analysis Report

How to Create a Workflow in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Sales & Receivables Set-up
  • Approval User Set-up
  • Customer Credit Limits
  • Define the Workflow

Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) – Basics CRM Part 1

  • CRM Set-up
    • Contacts
    • Accounts
      • Customers
      • Vendors
    • Outlook

Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) – Basics CRM Part 2

  • CRM Records
    • Interaction Templates
    • Interactions
    • Opportunities

Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) – Basics CRM Part 3

  • Marketing
    • Marketing Set-ups
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Contact Segments

Dynamics 365 Business Central – Demo for Basics of Inventory Sites

  • Physical Locations
  • Virtual Locations
  • Bins or no Bins?

Dynamics 365 Business Central – Fixed Assets Module Demo

  • Adding Assets/Acquisition
  • Calculate Depreciation
  • Recording Maintenance

Dynamics 365 Business Central – Project Accounting Basics Demo

  • Resources
  • Jobs
  • Job Tasks

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SELF-TRAINING

Dimensions and Analysis

Dimensions and Analysis in Dynamics 365 Business Central for the Non Accountant.

Recurring Invoice

How to leverage many of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps’ built-in functions