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Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo Videos

Role-Based Scenarios Dynamics 365 Business Central demo, tailored specifically for key members of an SMB organization.

Some factors that drive the decision for a company to replace their existing accounting solution include:

  • Can’t see what’s going on in the business
  • Legacy solution requires on-premise infrastructure that takes too much time to maintain
  • Their competition is moving to the cloud
  • Current system was fine for a while, starting to take too long to use, get reports, etc.
  • Growth of staff exposes system up to security or data loss issues.
  • Existing systems begin to break at the seams and hire an in-house accountant or find a better solution.
  • Existing systems can become time-intensive to support as manual workarounds are required to scale
  • Business process control is mostly manual and failing

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo for Business Owners

The Business Owner’s Core Responsibilities usually include:

  • How to manage cash
  • Target and attract new customers
  • Maintain relationship with existing customers
  • Control expenses
  • Hire and retain good employees
  • Reduce time required to analyze sales and financials
  • Quickly resolve problems with payments from customers

In this demo for Business Owners, learn how to:

  • Use KPI’s to check the health of the business
  • Manage Cash inflows and outflows
  • Identify current trends and opportunities
  • Review Customer Payments and Receivables
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Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo for Sales Representatives

The sales rep or business development executives needs are:

  • Opportunity management
  • Mobility
  • Immediate access to sales history, inventory levels
  • Identify trends to maximize time

In this demo for the Sales Rep, learn how to:

  • Enter a Sales Quote from an Outlook email
  • Send the new Quote via email
  • Negotiate the terms of the Quote
  • Convert the Quote to Sales Order
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Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo for Bookkeepers

The Bookkeeper’s core responsibilities include:

  • Creating invoices
  • Paying bills on time
  • Balancing the bank statements
  • Creating financial statements

In this demo for Bookkeepers, learn how to:

  • Easily enter a Vendor’s Purchase Invoice
  • Use OCR to automate the Purchase Invoice process
  • Stay current with your Vendor balances
  • Easily send payments to your Vendors
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Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo for Accountants

The accountant normally focuses on accuracy and timeliness such as:

  • Quick access to AP, AR and GL and Inventory
  • Ability to schedule and automate processes
  • Research and troubleshooting problem areas
  • Shorten month-end closing process
  • Assign and maintain priorities and tasks
  • Quick access to financials

In this Dynamics 365 BC demo for Accountants, learn how to:

  • Get quick access to balances and reports
  • Easily add to the Chart of Accounts as the business grows
  • Quickly set up journal postings
  • Complete drill-down tools for account analysis
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SELF-TRAINING

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Workflows & Approvals
Use Dynamics 365 Business Central workflows in D365 to automate Business Process Approval.

Inventory Management
Use Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage your inventory levels.

Quote to Invoice
Use Dynamics 365 Business Central for Invoice processes.

Video Transcription: Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Demo for Invoice Process