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Jennifer Harris is a seasoned veteran in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, with a wealth of experience that spans over three decades. Jennifer is passionate about helping women succeed in the technology industry, and she actively mentors women through speaking opportunities.

Her accomplishments have been widely recognized, including being named a “Top Women-Owned Business” by the Los Angeles Business Journal and a “Leader of One of America’s Fastest Growing Companies” by INC5000. With her impressive track record, Jennifer is highly regarded as an expert in the technology industry and is often invited to speak at conferences, panel discussions, and interviews, where she shares her insights with others.

In addition, she is a member of Vistage Premiere, a prestigious peer advisory group for CEOs, which provides a confidential and supportive environment for members to share their experiences, learn from one another, and gain insights into leadership best practices. Jennifer also participates in Chief, an exclusive network for women leaders, where she connects with other women in similar positions and share her ideas, knowledge, and experience.

Speaking and Interviews

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Marketing Copilot

The Common Sense Professional | Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Growing Apart or Coming Together? 

June 2021

The Marketing CoPilot podcast is a show dedicated to exploring the latest trends and insights in digital marketing, with a particular focus on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed in a crowded online marketplace. 

In Episode 13, “Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Growing Apart or Coming Together?” Jennifer Harris shares her insights on how she approaches marketing in her business.

Listen to the episode here.

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Women in ERP | Women in ERP Talk About Integration and What to Look Out For 

December 2021

SourceDay is a leading provider of procurement and supply chain automation software. In 2021, they hosted a panel interview with women in the ERP space to provide insights and guidance to women involved with ERP transformations.

Jennifer Harris, along with other accomplished women in the ERP industry shared their personal experiences and offered practical advice to navigate the complexities of the implementations. They addressed questions such as what happens after the implementation phase is over, how to encourage people to adopt the new system, and how to handle integrations with niche third-party solutions.

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Next Wave Leadership

On Starting From Nothing, Following a Path Towards Self Invention Through Three Digital Transformations, and Competing With Big Companies

January 2022

The Next Wave Leadership podcast is all about exploring the stories of inspiring leaders and learning from their experiences. In its episode, “Jennifer Harris, the CEO of Technology Management Concepts: On Starting From Nothing, Following a Path Towards Self Invention Through Three Digital Transformations, and Competing With Big Companies,” Jennifer discusses her journey in the tech industry, including being an early adopter of technology and navigating the first digital revolution. She also shares insights into leadership principles her company applies, dealing with harsh feedback, and creating organizations of inclusivity for women in tech. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to learn from the experiences of a successful leader in the tech industry.

Listen to the interview here.

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Syspro | Frost and Sullivan

Myths and Truths of ERP – Dispelling Misconceptions About Enterprise Resource Planning Systems  

September 2022

Syspro, a major provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, and Frost and Sullivan Research Reports teamed up with Jennifer Harris and other ERP experts to create a whitepaper that dismantles 16 common myths about ERP systems. The paper addresses misconceptions throughout all stages of an ERP system’s lifecycle, from deciding whether to adopt it, through selection and implementation, to ongoing management. Whether you’re new to ERP or looking to optimize your current system, this whitepaper offers valuable insights into the process.

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Myths and Truths about ERP – SYSPRO

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Dynamics Community Summit | WIT Conference

Community Summit North America is the largest independent gathering of the Microsoft business applications ecosystem of users, partners and ISVs on the planet 


Over the past few years, Jennifer Harris has graced the Women in Technology interview panel at the Dynamics Community Summit, where she shared her insights and knowledge about women’s professional growth. From taking risks and promoting oneself to fostering community and relationships, she has tackled topics that are crucial for women in the industry. She continues to share her experience and encouragement to women in the Dynamics community.

Read more about her valuable contributions in the interview here.

The Balancing Act | Success with Enterprise Resouce Planning


The Balancing Act with SingerLewak is a podcast dedicated to accountants and consultants to discuss topics that relate to  innovative solutions to help “balance” businesses and thrive. In episode 3, “Success with Enterprise Resource Planning with Bob Green, Jennifer Harris, and David Cieslak”, Jennifer offers specific tips and actions that clients can take to prepare their vendors and build successful partnerships, ensuring a smooth and successful software implementation that will benefit their organization.

Listen to interview 

Microsoft Directions NA | Women in Tech Panel


Directions North America is an annual conference for Microsoft Dynamics Partners, focused on sharing knowledge, networking, and learning about the latest Microsoft technologies and solutions. Jennifer Harris spoke on a Women in Technology panel where she shared her insights on “How to Scale a Dynamics Partner Business,” offering valuable tips and advice to the audience.

Topics discussed:

  • Operating conditions necessary for scale
  • How a niche focus/blue ocean strategy can enable scale
  • The differences between scale and linear growth
  • Designing a business model that can scale
  • Scaling based on repeatability
  • Relying on IP to improve profitability
  • Focusing on NRR rather than profitability per consultant
  • Avoiding ceilings on growth caused by talent shortages
  • How saying “no” can improve profitability
  • Creating enterprise value and a sellable business


Women in Dynamics


The Women in Dynamics community provides opportunities for professional development, networking, and the sharing of insider information and best practices. The group’s mission is to support and uplift women who operate in the Dynamics channel.

Vistage | The World’s Most Trusted CEO Coaching & Peer Advisory Organization.


Vistage is a membership organization that provides small and midsize business leaders with coaching and peer advice. Jennifer has been a member for three years, connecting and exchanging knowledge with other leaders in order to help each other grow their businesses and develop their leadership skills.

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Chief | The Only Private Network Focused on Connecting & Supporting Women Executive Leaders.


Chief is a network for women executive leaders to connect and support one another on their executive journey. Jennifer has been a member for several years, both offering and receiving support from other members while navigating and elevating each other’s experiences.

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