TMC’s Business Process Review (BPR)

Ensure Your System’s Health is Your Greatest Wealth
Don’t begin an implementation without a proper business processes evaluation

TMC’s Business Process Review is a comprehensive assessment that identifies areas for improvement and
optimization in your organization’s operational workflows before an implementation.

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75% of implementation failures can be attributed to having the wrong project team”

– Gartner Research Study

Why is the BPR the MOST CRITICAL STEP in a Successful Implementation? 

The BPR enables solution providers to deeply understand your business to define your project scope and team composition. This ensures team members possess industry-specific experience to align with your unique challenges and needs for optimal results.

TMC’s Business Process Review Will:


  • Help you reduce costs by optimizing your resource usage. 
  • Identify and address inefficiencies in your current business processes. 
  • Improve your overall performance through our expert recommendations. 
  • Provide you with tailored solutions based on your business’s unique needs. 
  • Enable informed decision-making through documentation and recommendations. 

To guarantee all your needs are addressed, and that we thoroughly understand your business processes and provide you with the best team for your project, expect at least a 3-day BPR. Having said that…

“What I liked about the TMC process was the completion of the Business Process Review. It gave us the opportunity to think through our needs, explain all our processes and how a new system might impact them. This methodology smoothened the implementation and kept the project on track, budget, and time!”

– Tim W. – CFO

TMC’s BPR Agenda and Duration

Agenda Setting 

Crafting a comprehensive agenda is fundamental to our BPR process. The agenda will depend on the various aspects of the client’s business, including organizational structure, integrations, and accounts payable processes.

Session Length and Client Engagement 

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer flexibility in session lengths based on the initial assessment and client preferences. This adaptive approach allows for a more tailored and accommodating BPR experience, but it typically takes two days to ensure we thoroughly explore the systems, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. 

What to Expect Once We Get in Touch 

  • 1

    1-Hour Initial Call: We will listen and obtain an understanding of your organization’s unique needs to tailor solutions effectively. 

  • 2

    Proposal and SOW: Receive a detailed plan that is aligned with your goals and requirements. 

  • 3

    BPR Sessions: Engage in discussions with your stakeholders to inform strategic decisions. 

  • 4

    Team Assignment: Assign team members with your industry-specific expertise to your project team.

  • 5

    Documenting Recommendations: Collaborate to address issues and receive tailored recommendations. 

  • 6

    Proposal and Documentation Walkthrough: Gain clarity on solutions and costs for transparent decision-making. 

What Makes TMC’s BPR Process Different?

Technical Review Process 

TMC’s comprehensive BPR approach extends to a technical review, where we assess customizations, hardware, security systems, and software setup.

Leveraging TMC’s diverse background and expertise, we provide a holistic evaluation to identify potential areas for improvement.


Our approach involves assessing potential risks and evaluating existing customizations or automations within the system. We meticulously analyze whether these processes align with best practices or if there’s room for improvement. 

What sets us apart is our extensive experience with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners and the strength of our in-house development team. This diversity in expertise allows us to explore a spectrum of options tailored to our clients’ unique needs. 

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