How Dynamics GP Cloud ERP Outperforms Intaact

Dynamics GP vs intaact

The release of cloud based accounting platforms are becoming more and more common, which is creating some indecisiveness for those businesses wanting to jump on board.

The cloud is providing efficient and cost-effective options when it comes to ERP applications. Two such platforms that deliver accounting software via the cloud are Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intacct. Both of these programs are geared towards the SMB’s and can further adapt to their growing needs.

Why NOT Intacct?

Intacct continually confuses the Cloud and the Internet (the means of delivering a solution) with the functionality of their ERP software.  Dynamics GP is built on over 30 years of experience with creating and delivering accounting solutions, partnered with Microsoft’s expertise in offering flexibility in deployment methods.  Deployment via the Cloud/Internet will be the best option for many companies, but not for all, and Intacct offers zero flexibility in deployment

Intacct claims to be an easier to use, more comfortable user experience, but Dynamics GP is modeled on Microsoft Office, and what could be more familiar and more comfortable to a user than Office?  Dynamics GP offers users a flexible, and familiar experience, based on the most widely used business productivity software in the world.

Intacct also lacks the forecasting features that accounting services within an SMB typically rely upon. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers the financial and inventory management solutions that give users the ability to assess their cash flow and projected data through the use of real-time analytics.  Intaact does not have the deep functionality and maturity of Dynamics GP.

Not only does the cloud provide cost-effective measures in regards to an organization’s ERP needs, but it also provides the users with real-time features. Reporting data as it relates to company operations is essential to the overall production process. Sometimes this process involves third-party software. Both Dynamics GP and Intacct are compatible with other software, however, Intacct is limited as to which ones it can accommodate. Dynamics GP matches those needs by the ease of use and accessibility of the Microsoft Office Suite, commonly known as Office 365 as well as it’s longtime partners within the ISV community.

Why Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP aims to remove that concern entirely.  Dynamics GP offers flexible and realistic subscription options that meet the ideal needs of a particular SMB and their present budget restrictions. Furthermore, it significantly reduces employee hesitation when it comes to learning a new application process. Thanks to the mirroring features that Dynamics GP has in regards to the Microsoft Office Suite, a smooth and steady learning curve is common among new users. The familiarity of Microsoft Office as well as its capabilities with Dynamics GP contributes to an already quick and efficient implementation process. This backed up by the fact that there are more than 50,000 companies in the U.S. running on Microsoft Dynamics GP, it eases owner’s minds that they can easily find employees to hire that have previous experience with the product.

Any Dynamics GP user can integrate their particular Microsoft Office application into designated reports and fields. This process is seen as a significant contribution when it comes to the time-management and customer engagement expectations within a company or organization.

Dynamics GP vs Intacct

Still not convinced?

The question between Dynamics GP vs. Intaact is a simple one for any small business looking to improve their resource management.

Learn how the flexible features provided by Dynamics GP can accommodate your ERP expectations.