Microsoft Azure Why move to the Azure Cloud

Take control of your Digital Transformation
with the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Build the strongest Business Solution Applications with Microsoft Azure. Meet your new business challenges by building, managing, and deploying your business applications with the Azure platform. With over 60 Regions, the Azure global infrastructure is larger than any other cloud provider worldwide. It means that you are able to offer the best services to your customers/employees whenever they are in the world.

When you choose the Azure Cloud, you are getting the quantity AND the quality! With more than 160 physical datacenters, over 90 compliance offerings, your can trust the Microsoft Azure cloud to grow with your company as modernize your business solutions.

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Cloud Adoption – Motivation & Objectives

Adapt quickly to new business events

  • Datacenter exit
  • Mergers, acquisition, or divestiture
  • Reductions in capital expenses
  • End of support for mission-critical technologies
  • Regulatory compliance, data sovereignty requirements
  • Reduce disruptions and improve IT stability

Take advantage of the Cloud benefits

  • Cost Savings
  • Reduction in the vendor or technical complexity
  • Optimization of internal operations
  • Increase business agility
  • Prepare for new technical capabilities
  • Scale to meet market & geographic demands

Scale faster and motivate Innovation

  • Prepare for new technical capabilities
  • Build new technical capabilities
  • Scale to meet market & geographic demands
  • Improve customer experiences/engagements
  • Transform products or services
  • Disrupt the market with new products or services

What is Cloud Computing?

As a quick reminder, “cloud computing” refers to the offering of cloud infrastructure services. Those services include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence with the use of the World Wide Web (“The Cloud”).

Cloud services allow all companies to innovate faster, be more flexible, and scale bigger! Cloud services offer a “pay-as-you-go” type of licensing which helps to reduce your operational costs, run your business applications more efficiently, and scale as your company grows.

Cloud computing Microsoft Azure

Work with an Azure Cloud Service Partner

Let us manage your Azure Cloud Lifecycle with our Cloud Consulting services


Plan & Design

1. Cloud Planning

  • Educate
  • Align
  • Develop Plans and Backlogs
Azure Cloud Planning and Design


Build & Migrate

2. Cloud Enablement

  • Lift & Shift
  • App re-platform
  • New App Development
  • App Optimization
Azure Cl


Run & Optimize

3. Cloud Operations

  • Service Delivery
    • SLA
    • Support
  • Governance
    • Compliance
    • Managed Billing
  • Monitoring
    • Security
    • Analytics
    • Tools & Processes
    • Backup & Recovery
    • App optimization
Microsoft Partner Azure Cloud
Microsoft Azure Why move to cloud

Why our customer are migrating
to the Microsoft Azure Cloud?

1. Make data-driven decisions

Smart well-informed business decisions based on business-specific algorithms tailored to the business’ unique needs.

IDC predicts buyer behavior analytics will validate 80% of all digital transactions and reduce password requirements by 50%.

2. Edge devices extend power

In 2020, there are more than 250,000 unique IoT applications. 50% are never visible but serve critical functions.

AI will allow companies to stay competitive by utilizing key technology to maximize user interaction.

3. Increase innovative solutions

Since 2017, AI investments are increasing drastically reaching over $45 billion in 2020 and are planned to grow more.

IDC reports 80% of organizations globally have already adopted or will adopt AI by 2025.

4. Easy accommodation

Azure Machine Learning makes it easy to develop,  experiment, and deploy AI  models.

Seamlessly deploy and run artificial intelligence, Azure services, and custom logic directly on cross-platform  IoT devices.

The cloud you can trust with the numbers to prove it

TMC Azure Cloud Security Icon

90 +

Compliance Offers; the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud provider.


Investment in security backed by a team of experts, and proactive compliance.


new Azure customer subscriptions
per month


Certified apps and services available on the Azure Marketplace.


Global cybersecurity experts that safeguard your business assets and data in Azure.


of Fortune 500 companies trust their business on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

TMC Azure cloud by numbers

Azure geographies

60 Azure regions more than any other cloud

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