Migrate from Office 365 and take off in the cloud with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a line of products Microsoft offers which gives companies the flexibility to be more agile in their workspaces. Companies are no longer tied to a “local” network or “on-premise” services. They can access e-mail, spreadsheets, word documents, and file storage from anywhere in the world.

  • Do you find yourself traveling without access to your business-sensitive documents?
  • Does your company have issues with your documents being available on your mobile phones as well as your home PCs?
  • Are you paying a large I.T. staff or have an ever-increasing I.T. budget to keep those services running “in-house”?

If you have answered any of those questions with a YES, you should consider bringing Microsoft 365 into your company.

Benefits to migrate your Microsoft Office Apps to Microsoft 365?

There are multiple benefits to making this transition with the largest being cost. Buying a physical server, purchasing the correct licensing, and buying either the Rackspace or maintaining your own server infrastructure can get you in the low tens of thousands into the millions of dollars. This is solely to get the e-mail system running. You then need to pay someone to set it up and manage it! We can take all the guesswork out of the equation. Contact us for a review and we can go over how to seamlessly and expediently get your E-mail questions answered.

There is an unseen secondary benefit to making the decision to implement Microsoft 365 and that is when you get your foot in the door you open the possibilities of using a larger array of Microsoft services including TMC’s bread and butter Microsoft Azure.

  • Do you have a server that your company cannot function without?
  • Do you have a system that has been a real pain to deal with and is constantly having downtime or annoying problems?
  • Does your internet connection constantly drop and have trouble staying online?

A move to Microsoft Azure can solve all those problems and more. TMC has solved harrowing problems from many owners and I.T. managers who are desperate to find a solution to their up-time, cost, and availability conundrums. We offer FREE system reviews to go over what you have and how you would like to move into the future. Take advantage of this today!

How does the Office 365 to Microsoft 365 migration work?

TMC has the tools and the experience to bring your current e-mail system into Microsoft’s 365 cloud. This service is an end-to-end solution that will migrate all your E-mail system to Microsoft 365 with minimal downtime for the transition “window” which will tell the world where your new e-mail system sits, In the Microsoft cloud.

In addition to the e-mail migration, TMC, as your Microsoft Office 365 migration partner, is available to assist with migrating your file server to a combination of:

Microsoft Teams – The Teams Collaboration product allowing users to share internal communications and files in one shared workspace. Very useful as a place for all employees to discuss business objectives, share files amongst one another, and stay in sync on all elements of your company. Teams has also expanded into voice (VOIP) services and conference calling / meeting rooms allowing even more access to internal sharing and communication.

OneDrive – Microsoft’s individual file storage product. OneDrive would be used in the event you have documents on your PC locally and you want to have access to them from anywhere in the cloud. You can also share these documents amongst other OneDrive users as well as publicly to non-OneDrive acquaintances using a public file share link or other methods open to your team.

SharePoint – Do you have a SharePoint site to which you have a server dedicated to? If you have an internal SharePoint site which you still want to keep, TMC can help you in getting it moved to SharePoint Online with all the same functionality and security your company requires.

Microsoft 365 business Email and Calendar

Ready to migrate to Microsoft 365 and start your Digital Transformation journey?