TMC’s Projects Modification for Construction

Introducing TMC’s Projects Modification for Construction in Dynamics 365 Business Central, a solution designed to enhances the existing Projects Module, providing construction companies with powerful tools to manage their projects efficiently.

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TMC’s Projects Modification for Construction for Dynamics 365 Business Central

TMC’s Projects Modification for Construction is a powerful extension designed to enhance the existing Projects Module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As construction companies tackle complex projects, efficient project management becomes paramount. This solution addresses critical pain points by seamlessly integrating into Business Central while expanding functionality.

Construction projects involve multiple facets, from planning and execution to procurement and financial tracking. TMC’s Projects Modification App bridges these gaps by providing a comprehensive platform. Whether you’re managing residential or commercial projects, the ability to handle grants, contracts, and material lists within a single system streamlines operations.

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Key Features

  1. Grants Management:
    • With TMC’s modification, you can now associate grants with specific Projects. Keep track of funding sources, compliance requirements, and project-specific grants seamlessly within the system.
  2. Material Lists for Purchase Orders (POs):
    • House Designs serve as containers for material lists related to specific Projects.
    • Easily create material lists for purchase orders, streamlining the procurement process.
    • Whether you’re ordering materials for subcontractors or managing in-house supplies, this feature simplifies manual entry and ensures accuracy.
  3. Contracts Management:
    • Extend the Projects Module by adding house designs specifically for contracts.
    • Associate contracts with relevant Projects, keeping all contractual details organized.
    • Track contract terms, milestones, and obligations efficiently.
  4. Purchase Orders from Project Materials List:
    • When it’s time to order materials, generate purchase orders directly from the Project materials list.
    • Specify quantities, vendors, and delivery dates effortlessly.
    • This feature eliminates manual data entry and reduces errors.
  5. Purchase Orders from Contracts:
    • Similar to material lists, create purchase orders directly from contracts associated with a Project.
    • Link contract terms to specific POs, ensuring alignment with project requirements.

Whether you’re managing construction projects, handling grants, or coordinating material procurement, TMC’s Projects Modification for Construction empowers your team within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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