Dynamics 365 BC Apps | The Recurring Detail Document App

Leverage many of your Dynamics 365 BC’s built-in functions.

Dynamics 365 Add-on | The Recurring Detail Document App

The Recurring Detail Document by TMC is available on the Microsoft AppSource allows you to:

  • Improved accuracy of recurring detail documents
  • End-to-end auditability where posted transactions can be traced directly back to the original Recurring document
  • Flexibility – choose between Orders and Invoices for both Sales and Purchasing
  • Automation – use the Job Queue to schedule and run the “Generate” routine
  • Use Dimensions to track revenue and expenses with Line item details.

What do you get with the R.D.D. App by TMC?

The Recurring Detail Document App allows for the creation of both purchasing and sales documents, with the option for orders and invoices for both series.

The native NAV Job Queue can be leveraged to run the Generate Routine automatically. The Recurring Detail Documents app includes predefined job objects that can be selected and ran automatically.

Designed to add line item detail, enhance audit ability and ensure accuracy, the Recurring Detail Documents app, powered by TMC, offers a simple and easy way to get better results.

Recurring Detail Document