Understand how the Azure Support Plans work and how to unlock the PREMIER SUPPORT Plan at no cost.

Compare Azure support plan options

Microsoft Azure offers multiple support plan options, from Basic support if you are just starting with your digital transformation strategy, to Professional level support to fit larger companies who are relying on the cloud to operate critical business applications and solutions.

From simple storage to complex cloud infrastructures, the TMC Azure cloud allows our clients to scale their cloud environment as their company grows, be adaptive, and reduce costs while benefiting from the highest level of support!

Reduce risk, improve system reliability.

Problem Resolution | Reduce your downtime with a fast and efficient response from your dedicated expert team.

Service Management | Your Account Manager helps you assess, review, define, plan, and deliver your cloud environment.

Proactive Services | Improve your system reliability with assessment, training, and innovative tools for your IT initiatives.




Professional Direct

Price $0 per month
$29 per month $100 per month $1000 per month
($0 with Gold Partner**)
Billing & Subscription Support
24/7 self-help recourses
Unlimited support tickets
Azure Advisor
Azure health status notifications
Third-party software Support
24/7 access to tech support (phone & email) Email-only
Case Severity and response time*** Sev C: 8 bus. hours Sev C: 8 bus. hours
Sev B: within 4 hours
Sev A: within 1 hour
Sev C: 4 bus. hours
Sev B: within 2 hours
Sev A: within 1 hour
Sev A+: within 15 min
Architecture Support General Guidance General Guidance ProDirect Guidance
Support API
Operations Support ProDirect Support
Proactive Guidance ProDirect Guidance

*What is the Azure PREMIER Support Plan?

The Microsoft Azure Premier Plan is the highest support plan option offered by Microsoft. This support plan has been built to accelerate your cloud adoption journey through a complete coverage for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises solutions across all Microsoft products

The Premier Support plan is part of the “Enterprise support offering” and is equivalent to the Professional Direct support plan that is available for all Azure users. The Premier support plan, in addition to the Pro-Direct option, includes personalized hand-on assistance and training to maximize your return on investment; as well as a dedicated Technical Account Manager who can drive pro-active support for all your Business solutions (including non-Microsoft Applications).

+ Proactive Guidance/Training

Not only useful for support but also for training and guidance. The Premier Support plan includes online training and pro-active guidance that allow you to reach your goal and get the most out of your technology investment.

**Benefits of working with a MS Gold Partner

If you are NOT working with a Microsoft Gold Partner, your Azure Subscription includes the BASIC Support Plan. You have the possibility to upgrade your support plan to the “Developer” ($29/month), the “Standard” ($100/month) or the “Premier” ($1000/month) support plan at an additional monthly cost.

If you are working with a Microsoft Gold Partner, you have access to the Microsoft Premier Support Plan at no cost, saving $1000 each month.

This plan gives you 24/7 access to an extended network of Microsoft Business Solutions specialists with the best expertise for any Microsoft products. With the fastest initial response within 15 minutes, the Microsoft Premier Support Plan allows you to focus on your business, not your systems.

+ Maximum Support

Best support in town! You get the fastest response, whenever you need to minimize the business impact of your issue. The only plan that includes support API to manage your cases as well as, operation, and architecture support!

***Severity and responsiveness

Severity C
Minimum business impact

The customer’s business is functioning with minor impediments of services.

When you select Severity C you confirm that the issue has a minimum impact on your business with a minor impediment of service.

Severity B
Moderate business impact

Customer’s business has moderate loss or degradation of services but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner.

When you select Severity B you confirm that the issue has a moderate impact on your business with loss and degradation of services, but workarounds enable reasonable, albeit temporary, business continuity.

Severity A
Critical business impact

Customer’s business has significant loss or degradation of services and requires immediate attention.

When you select Severity A you confirm that the issue has a critical business impact, with severe loss and degradation of services.

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on your Azure Support Plan*


on your monthly Microsoft Azure bill*

— Associate your Azure Subscription to TMC —
— Billed by TMC instead of Microsoft for Azure bill —

* By partnering with a Microsoft Gold Partner like TMC, your Azure Subscription will include the Microsoft Premier Support Plan ($1000/month) at no cost. In addition, we will reduce your current Microsoft Azure Subscription by 5%.


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