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Hire top candidates with Dynamics 365 HR

Attract, acquire, and retain candidates who can be impactful to your company. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource helps your HR team and managers with the tools they need to find and hire top talents and streamline their process.

Excel beyond traditional HR management

Evolve the applicants’ and members’ experience. Dynamics 365 for Human Resources uses the wonders of Microsoft 365 and LinkedIn to attract, employ,  onboard, and maintain employment. When you implement Dynamics 365 for HR into your HR department, you enable the Microsoft Cloud—creating a more secure, intelligent, and connected organization. You reduce the chances of losing top talent, which can lead to success for your team. Modernize recruiting, applicant tracking, and employee onboarding by connecting your HR to IT, people to insights, and business to grow.

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Dynamics 365 for talent
Dynamics 365 for Talent Easy setup and integration

setup and

Dynamics 365 for Talent Anytime, anywhere access


Dynamics 365 for Talent Intuitive user experience


Dynamics 365 for Talent Flexible and extensible platform

Flexible and extensible platform

Dynamics 365 for Talent Predictive insights and analytics

Predictive insights and analytics

Dynamics 365 for Talent Centralize employee data


– Attract –
Hire perfect candidates with Dynamics 365 for HR

Your collaborative hiring experience starts here.
Competing with other companies for top candidates can get hectic. Take the lead in the recruiting and hiring process by pairing Dynamics 365 for HR: Engage with LinkedIn Recruiter to search, attract, interview, and extend offers to the top candidates.

Link recruiters, managers, and interviewers to improve collaboration and recruitment for top talent. Improve the hiring process with configurable stages and activities, create attractive job descriptions, and then publish it to your company’s career site or other known job boards.
Transform talent acquisition
Link with the most largest and popular talent marketplace—LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC). With RSC, you easily access real-time candidate information across LinkedIn Recruiter and Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract. Save time, easily collaborate, and effectively manage hiring pipelines.
Pick and choose candidates who will be effective hires with talent pool tracking. Examine the process, and get details on candidates’ set of skills, abilities, and interview feedback. Collected candidate profiles are always up-to-date with LinkedIn opt-in and Office 365.

Allow candidates apply using their LinkedIn profile and they are treated like VIPs to improve your offer acceptance rate. An easy-to-use portal gives candidates the ease of mind with guidance and transparency every step of the way, from the first point of contact to the day of their  interview, first day, and so on. Use smart signals to connect managers with employees that are looking to move up a level.

Empower recruiters and managers to evaluate and shortlist candidates with skill set, interpersonal skills, and culture-fit assessments. Profiles are aligned with job requirements to help choose top applicants. Interactive dashboards help you define where you are in the hiring process  pipeline, so you can improve your quality of hire.

Simplify the entire interview process, and cut the timeframe of hiring. Deep integration with Office 365 makes it possible to automate interview scheduling across stakeholders. Interviews with candidates from across the globe without impacting your cost to hire through Skype integration. Help ensure you hear from everyone on the interview team without introducing bias, by using mobile feedback that only the hiring manager can view.

Boost the accuracy and agility of elongating offers to selected candidates with offer management. Configurable workflows, templates, and approval processes help ensure that employers efficiently collaborate to create compelling offers.

Empower your hiring team with applicant tracking systems, without sacrificing compliant talent acquisition processes. Built-in admin-governed security, reporting, bulk processing, and templates help you scale while enforcing compliance. Personalize and extend the solution without impacting cloud upgrades.

Help ensure compliance and extensibility

– Onboard –
Set up employees for success with Dynamics 365 for HR

Empower your managers and employees with HR competencies that streamline methods and develop programs that optimize work costs, deliver business impact, and drive an agile, high-performance culture.

Encourage self-service and collaboration

Encourage managers to make changes—such as request to relocate employees—without having to meet with HR. Cut down administrative tasks to free up time for more strategic initiatives.

Help retain career paths

Foster employees to proactively advertise their experience with profiles that display their skills, and a personalized portal that matches their competencies with career goals and opportunities.

Boost performance and feedback

Enable managers to build strong teams. Supply real-time organization data, track achievements, recognize concerns, and respond quickly to optimize team impact.

Empower managers and employees

Streamline processes

Reduce paperwork and reporting complexities, improve accuracy, and minimize compliance risk by driving the right action by the right employee through automated tasks and configurable processes.

Make sound decisions based on analysis

Optimize workforce costs, improve planning, and drive more informed, faster decisions with embedded analytics. Build cost-effective programs that you can track and analyze.

Personalize your solution

Manage past, present, and future employee data through an intuitive and customizable interface. Add or hide fields and change the layout to meet your needs, and then share your changes with others.

Drive human resource excellence

Redefine benefits administration

Manage open enrollment by sharing streamlined guides across the organization. Adjust benefits along the way and publish updated guidelines when needed. Improve provider relations and reduce the risk of errors by using a common integration framework.

Improve compensation management

Create meaningful compensation recommendations based on defined guidelines. Adjust compensation individually or in mass and ensure process accuracy by testing in a sandbox environment prior to approval and publishing.

Simplify leave and absence reporting

Define leave and absence guidelines, including flexible dates and carry-forward rules. Provide easy, straight forward entry with optional calendar support. Increase efficiency with entry and approval delegation.

Strengthen your core HR programs

HR impact is available anytime, anywhere, on any device

Enhance collaboration and responsiveness with secure access to employee data—including optimized dashboards—from any device.

Data is all under one hub

 Dynamics 365 Talent, partner apps, and your existing systems through all one hub.

Improve collaboration and share insights

– Core HR –
Streamline operations with Dynamics 365 for HR

Make new hires feel welcome, connected, and successful. Use Dynamics 365 for Human Resources: Onboard to quickly ramp up new team members and accelerate time to impact.

Get your new talent excited about their role, and improve engagement before day one with personalized onboarding guides. Using our free onboarding templates, create step-by-step checklists that ensure administrative tasks, such as background checks, W-2s, and direct deposit forms, are completed on time, so you can focus on providing a memorable first-day experience.

Ensure new employees stay focused on impactful priorities with defined roles, responsibilities, and objectives. Offer a centralized location for company information, training resources, organization charts, and tips to navigate different departments.

Ensure new team members make the right cross-functional connections with accessible and detailed contact information. Facilitate relocation with campus maps, local attraction guides, and transportation options.

Cross-functional team members can contribute resources and add tasks within onboarding guides to ensure they have everything they need to adjust to their new role.

Create onboarding guide templates for different roles that can be replicated as you build your team. Provide opportunities for feedback to continuously improve your onboarding experience and drive transformative business results.

Acquire talent efficiently

Discover how to help your organization attract and onboard skilled candidates with a modern, scalable solution that can integrate with your existing HR systems.

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