Meet your industry demands, from security, privacy to data integrity!

Best ERP for Financial Services: Microsoft Business Solutions

Financial Services firms face additional demands and requirements for their Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

In this highly regulated and competitive industry, the requirements demands on for security, privacy and data integrity are demands requirements that must be met. The reputation and future of the firm rest on being able to meet these needs, and with Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM, owners, employees, and investors have complete confidence they will meet and exceed meet those challenges.

Key Challenges for Financial Services

For many Financial Services Firms, success depends on finding the balance point between conflicting goals. How to balance the need for speedy access to information while maintaining privacy, accurately tracking changes while minimizing the time needed to work with the system, and preserving a separation of duties/responsibilities without creating barriers for your employees.

ERP/CRM systems can help with each of these critical areas:


There is an art to creating crucial internal controls, restricting access to sensitive information without creating bottlenecks for your operations. Dynamics ERP/CRM uses a role-based security system to prevent users from exploring on their own. The business may tailor each of the available pre-configured security roles, adding and removing access to specific modules, windows, or even fields within a window, or create your own custom roles. Employees are then assigned to the proper role, and as new employees are hired, or promoted internally, updating security is as easy as changing their assigned role.

The role assigned to an employee is dependent on the company they are working with. This allows an employee to have one security role in an operating company, with a different role in another operating company or the holding company.

Dynamics ERP utilizes a security approach that is additive in nature. A new employee, and a new security role, start with the bare minimum of access rights. These security rights can then be expanded to allow for more access as needed, with no concerns that a critical area has been overlooked by accident.


GAAP, SOX and HIPPA, along with a host of other acronyms and government agencies and regulators, all have requirements for data privacy and accuracy that must be met. Financial records, Employee information, Investor information – it must all be protected from prying eyes.

Privacy is not an afterthought in Microsoft Dynamics ERP – it has been baked in. Using Microsoft SQL Server, Dynamics ERP ensures that any and all sensitive and critical information is available only to those with the need to know. Data encryption, and double authentication of the user restrict access and unauthorized attempts to access that information will be stopped

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Data Integrity

Security has been established, and privacy is ensured. Only the watchers have access, as planned. But who watches the watchers? With Dynamics ERP and the Risk Management Suite, you can track changes made at the record level. Silently working in the background (and completely invisible to your employees), any change made to a tracked item is recorded in the Audit database: User ID, date and time stamp of the change, and both the old value and the new value are automatically logged and tracked.

Audit reports analyzing specific records, values or employees can be generated, allowing for the monitoring of the system without impeding efficiency.
Data integrity extends to any integrated system as well. Dynamics ERP can be connected to external services for daily exchange rates, so that your financial records are always valued accurately. These system-to-system integrations rely on the same underlying accounting principles and business logic that a user would apply. The system-to-system integration allows for automation of these processes without any loss of control, security or privacy.

For the ultimate in data integrity, Dynamics ERP can be deployed as an on-premise solution, completely “airlocked” if so desired. With zero exposure to the outside world, there is literally no way for the system to be breached externally. While this may be an extreme measure to take, with Dynamics ERP the option is available for those who require this level of data integrity.

For any Financial Services firm looking to improve their systems, internal controls and ensure that proper policies and procedures are being followed, Dynamics ERP offers a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to fit. Minimize your concerns about Security, Privacy, and Data Integrity by choosing Microsoft Business Solutions.

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