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What is an ERP System

Technology Management Concepts (TMC) has helped thousands of companies from startups to global corporations including restaurant chains, hospital or health care companies, financial services organizations, wholesale distributors and non-profits streamline their operations, ultimately leading to a more efficient and profitable enterprise. By having access to software-generated accurate reports, enterprise resource planning systems are able to give companies a live picture of its day-to-day operations and allows for different departments to better communicate. Perhaps you are wondering, can implementing an ERP system help my company? Let us show you the value of our products and services offered.

What is an ERP system?

To better understand how Technology Management Concepts can revolutionize your company’s productivity, let us start with an ERP system definition. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and is software that streamlines the operations of your company; purchasing, product planning, manufacturing, marketing, materials management, inventory management, shipping and payment, human resources can all be managed through 1 software platform. With many of the back office functions concerning technology, services, and HR automated, an ERP will ultimately save your company time and money in the long run. Implementing software that automates internal processes allows companies to reduce staffing requirements since the software streamlines these tasks.

Implementing an ERP allows stakeholders and CEOs to make wiser, more informed decisions regarding next steps for their company since they now have access to a more holistic view of all aspects of their company.

The benefits of Top ERP systems

Microsoft Dynamics, as one of the top ERP systems, has many options for your company to consider. There are several examples of ERP Systems, whether it’s Dynamics 365 or Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL, TMC can help your company find the right ERP system fit. We have helped both small and large businesses with a large in house consulting team with over 400 years of experienced ERP implementations, to help improve your company’s internal processes, making data more accessible to analyze.

Implementing one of Microsoft’s many options of ERP system will benefit your company by streamlining everyday processes and exceeding. There are companies such as Sage and Financial Force, but Microsoft Dynamics (top 3 Enterprise Resource Planning software) takes the grand prize of being the best. For example, if you decide to go with Dynamics 365 Business central, TMC will implement and do a whole dynamics 365 business central training. Each option can be formed to meet your company’s specific needs, which choosing a well-rounded ERP partner can be so crucial.

The benefits of TMC

Implementing an ERP system is a considerable undertaking, but TMC can get your ERP system deployed in weeks through their streamlined implementation methodology which includes comprehensive training for clients, ongoing support, project management, data migration and a comprehensive business process review to ensure our customers get the most out of the product. Our passion for seeing our clients’ businesses grow over the year is what fuels our development and is at the heart of what we do!

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