5 Things That Will Make You Consider Using Dynamics 365 ERP Software

When Microsoft announced its intentions to launch Dynamics 365 in July, heads turned everywhere wondering what this means for ERP and CRM software as a whole. Are you going to need to re-think your current software set-up? Here are a few signs that Dynamics 365 ERP software just may be up your alley.

  1. You’d Rather Pay Per Role – You don’t like paying for all the bells in whistles of Microsoft Dynamics’ suite of services. Instead, you’d like to be able to just pay for what you need with Dynamics 365 ERP or “Dynamics 365 Fiancials”. Here’s a list of what’s included
  2. You Want More Out Of Your Data – By consolidating ERP and CRM under one roof, Dynamics 365 opens up more possibilities in terms of data and analytics. If you’ve been wanting to jump on the big data trend and gather more insights on your customers, now may be the time to act.
  3. You Want Better Product Integration – Not only can Dynamics 365 offer you CRM and ERP integration, work done in Office 365 including Word, SharePoint and OneNote will be able to sync up to the system as well.
  4. You Want To Be More Productive – Because Dynamics 365 works with other programs like Word, your teams can be more efficient. This is especially the case for those who use Microsoft Office extensively in their daily operations.
  5. You Want Fewer Barriers Between CRM and ERP – If you’re looking for more transparency across departments, Microsoft Dynamics 365 may be for you. Working in the same platform puts everyone on the same page, whether you’re in operations or sales.

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