Are you getting ready for the Community Summit? If you’re attending, chances are you’re looking for answers to your ERP/CRM concerns. At Technology Management Concepts (TMC), we recognize that the Summit presents a great chance to engage with experts, such as our team of consultants, who possess extensive knowledge of the Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 suite, including Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM). 

To make the most of your Summit experience, we’ve compiled a list of must-ask questions that will help you get the answers you need and address your specific concerns. We’re not just your typical booth at the conference; we’re bringing our top consultants because we believe in providing real solutions, not just sales pitches. Feel free to print out these questions here and bring them with you to the Summit! 

Questions to Ask if you’re Looking for a New Partner:


  • Can you share details about your experience with Microsoft Dynamics implementations, especially in our industry? 
  • How many years of experience does your organization have, and can you provide examples of successful projects similar to ours? 


  • Do you have any customer testimonials or case studies showcasing your past performance? 
  • What awards or recognitions have you received for your digital transformation work? 
  • Can you describe your Microsoft Gold Competencies and how they align with our needs? 

Specific Industry Expertise:  

  • Have you worked with companies in our industry before, and if so, can you provide examples? 
  • What solutions or strategies have you implemented for clients in our industry that led to successful outcomes? 

Customization for Complex Projects:  

  • Can you tailor solutions for unique business needs and requirements? 
  • Share examples of customized solutions that you’ve implemented. 

Technical and Level of Support:  

  • What can we anticipate in terms of technical assistance during and after the implementation? 
  • How do you ensure that the implementation will be customized to our specific business requirements? 
  • Can you explain your approach or methodology for providing ongoing services to clients? 
  • What level of collaboration can I anticipate by partnering with you and our team? 

Integration Expertise:  

  • Do you have experience with integrating specific applications like [insert here] 

ISV Partnerships:  

  • What partnerships do you have with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that can integrate with our ERP system? 
  • How flexible are you in working with our current ISV partners? 
  • Can you provide examples of successful ISV integrations you’ve handled for previous clients? 

User Training and Support:  

  • What training resources do you offer to help our team adapt to the new system? 
  • Do you offer user experience (UX) testing to optimize usability? 

Case Studies and Client References:  

  • Do you have examples of clients who have successfully transitioned to Dynamics 365 solutions with your help? 

Reasons why dynamics users are quitting their partners

Questions for Replacing ERP/CRM Systems: 

System Functionality: 

  • How does [inquiring ERP/CRM system] compare in terms of functionality to our current system? 
  • Can you provide a detailed feature-by-feature comparison? 

Data Migration: 

  • What is your process for migrating our existing data to the new system? 
  • How do you ensure data integrity and minimal disruption during the migration? 

Customization and Scalability: 

  • How easily can the system be customized to fit our unique business processes? 
  • Is it scalable to accommodate our growth and changing needs? 

User Training and Support:  

  • What training programs or resources do you offer to help our team transition to the new system? 
  • What level of ongoing support can we expect post-implementation? 

Data Security and Compliance:  

  • How do you address data security and compliance requirements, especially in our industry? 
  • Can you provide evidence of compliance with relevant regulations? 

Cost and ROI:  

  • What is the total cost of ownership, including licensing, implementation, and ongoing fees? 
  • Can you provide examples or case studies of clients who have seen a significant return on investment (ROI) after implementing your system? 

User Experience:  

  • Can we see a demo of the system to evaluate its user-friendliness? 
  • Have you conducted user experience (UX) testing to optimize the system’s usability? 

References and Case Studies: 

  • Do you have case studies that demonstrate successful replacements in similar industries? 


Questions Only a Consultant Can Answer 

  • Database Integration: How can we integrate our existing SQL Server database to ensure data consistency?
  • Customization Limits: What are the limitations in terms of customizing forms, fields, and workflows?
  • Data Migration Strategy: What strategies do you recommend for migrating our historical data from our legacy system while maintaining data integrity?
  • Performance Optimization: How can we optimize the performance of our Dynamics 365 instance, especially when dealing with large datasets and complex reports?
  • Security Model: Can you help us design and implement a robust security model, ensuring that user roles and permissions align with our organizational structure?
  • Scalability Planning: How can we ensure that our Dynamics 365 solution is scalable to accommodate future growth, both in terms of data volume and user base?
  • Offline Access: What options are available for users who need to access data while offline, and how can we set up and manage this functionality?
  • Upgrading and Patching: How do you recommend handling system upgrades and patching to ensure minimal disruption and maintain compatibility with customizations?
  • Data Backup and Recovery: What’s the best practice for regular data backup and disaster recovery planning?
  • Reporting and Analytics: Can you help us set up advanced reporting and analytics tools, including Power BI, to derive meaningful insights from our data?
  • User Training and Adoption: What strategies do you recommend for user training and ensuring high user adoption rates of the new Dynamics 365 system?
  • Custom Plugin Development: In what scenarios would it be beneficial to develop custom plugins for Dynamics 365, and how can we go about it?
  • Compliance and Data Governance: What measures can we implement to ensure that our use of Dynamics 365 complies with industry regulations and data governance standards?
  • M365 Migration from Gmail or Google docs: How complex is a migration from Google to M365? What will it take to move our email data?
  • Azure Storage: What types of things can I store on the Azure cloud? 

We encourage you to bring these questions to the Summit and visit our booth at #1226. Our top consultants are excited to provide you with answers tailored to your specific needs. To ensure you get the chance to speak with our experts, contact us in advance to schedule an appointment at the conference. We’re here to help you find the right solutions for your business. See you at the Summit! 

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