Microsoft ERP/CRM Systems for Entertainment Organizations

The business demands of entertainment organizations …

have evolved in recent years, including diversified lines of business, international expansion, and more focus on cost containment due to a challenging economic environment.

Publishers, broadcasters and other media companies operate in a highly competitive, volatile market that has seen significant changes in the past few years. Leading organizations have merged, consolidated, and modified their revenue streams and business models to adjust to ever-changing customer preferences and challenges of the new economy. Microsoft ERP & CRM systems address these new complexities and challenges by providing a comprehensive, integrated solution from ad sales management to billing and revenue recognition.

ERP technology solutions can help entertainment enterprises reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, increase customer loyalty, and coordinate supply chains. However, as outlined above, there are unique challenges in this industry. An ERP initiative can involve significant investments of time and money. However, the returns can be rewarding if the ERP selection and implementation are managed effectively. It is important to understand what your company needs and to find which software is the best fit for your company. TMC offers expertise and tools to help reduce the total cost of ownership and optimize measurable business benefits for companies searching for Entertainment Business Solution.

Dynamics ERP has solved these and many other challenges:

As an experienced business systems/solutions consultant to the Entertainment Industry, we can tell you the word on Microsoft Business Solutions will:

  1. Get real-time and online access to information, and have the ability to generate reports and ad hoc queries at will.
  2. It is a system that dovetails nicely with the needs of the publishing industry.
  3. Business Intelligence tools enable you to track and analyze the performance of separate business units and consolidated operations.
  4. You will be using a fully-featured purchasing system, including generating requests for proposal, purchase order processing, and inventory management

Do you have business concerns that our clients have had?

  1. Consumers are transitioning from print to electronic media.
  2. Separate business units are using older, disparate accounting systems.
  3. There is an increasing need to cut costs in the face of competitive pressure.
  4. You need to track revenue and expenses by business unit (eg. publications).
  5. Your software can’t accommodate larger numbers of customers and transactions or a wide variation in revenue sources and recognition requirements.
  6. Huge costs associated with support and maintenance from the IT group, coupled with lengthy system training for new hires.
  7. Frustrating duplicate data entries, requiring multiple levels of data-reporting to consolidate key information.

Want a Customized Entertainment ERP/CRM Demo?

Super League Gaming

How Dynamics 365 Business Central helped support Super League Gaming

Super League Gaming, a company that provides amateur e-sports competitions and experiences to millions of gamers, boldly decided to go public in 2019.

To support reporting for public shareholders, Microsoft Gold Partner, Technology Management Concepts, recommended Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With its help, Super League Gaming has embraced more effective reporting and a complete transition to the cloud.

Some of our ERP Entertainment Clients