After Outgrowing QuickBooks…

After Outgrowing QuickBooks…

Why is it a bad idea choose NetSuite
for your ERP Solution!

Leaving QuickBooks? Is NetSuite your best option?

For many (most?) companies starting out, QuickBooks is a natural (and sold) choice for managing the books. Over time, with the growth of the company, QuickBooks will start to show its limitations and a search will begin for a replacement for QB, a new ERP system.

NetSuite has always positioned their solution as a natural “next step” after QuickBooks has reached its end of useful life.
NetSuite is Cost + cost + cost model – the “base” system + Users + Additional NetSuite modules.

NetSuite implementers are most likely to be accounting firms, interested in making their own lives easier (and earning fees from NetSuite). These partners are most interested in “plain-vanilla” implementation, but you are paying for 20 built-in “vertical” solutions. 

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NetSuite is Quick to Deploy? – OR Quick to Declare Victory, and Move On?

NetSuite implementations are designed to be fast – very fast. So fast, in fact, that it often appears that the goal is simply to work until the “go-live” date, announce that you are “finished”, and then transition the client to the “support team” while the “project team” moves on to the next implementation.

Review from NetSuite Users

“Their implementation is really lacking. They don’t listen to your needs and help you customize the system to do what you need it to do. They don’t know anything about integrating with other systems like Shopify. It is definitely inappropriate for small to medium-sized businesses. It is not well suited for any business that doesn’t have a developer on staff to adjust the code.”

“Their support after your support period is over is basically nothing unless your whole system crashes, so good luck fixing anything.”

Is NetSuite User Friendly? – OR click heavy and awkward to use?

A common instruction when training on NetSuite is “don’t use the back button, just close the tab and go back to where you were. NetSuite “Best Practices” recommends opening new windows for each task or transaction – hard to navigate among multiple tabs all labeled “NetSuite”.

Review from NetSuite Users

“Nothing is user-friendly, despite their claims. Even simple changes require vast coding knowledge. It’s not a good choice for small or medium-sized businesses with users who aren’t also developers.”

– “The shipping system doesn’t meet even basic shipping needs.”
– “We use QuickBooks and they tried to force us to change to their accounting software so the inventory could work.”

Easy to add Users and Modules
– BUT hard to let them go

“Downgrades” to the NetSuite license can only occur at annual renewal. In fact, the only time users or modules can be dropped with NetSuite is during that same annual renewal period. This model lacks the flexibility today’s business environment demands.

Review from NetSuite Users

“I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a fat wallet that grows every year. It cost a lot of money to customize and renew your contract. Prepare for the subscription price increase.”

– “Extremely expensive. Big increase in price when it’s time to renew the contract. Sometimes over 100% increase in pricing!”

– “NetSuite support is expensive, ineffective, and not worth the cost. There is a fixed amount you pay (a percentage of your NetSuite Edition + other modules + user license). If you have 1 user, then you are paying a really expensive support fee.”

We don’t recommend NetSuite
– Schedule a consultation with our ERP experts to learn more about your options.

Minimal basic core functionality is missing from NetSuite

Fixed Assets, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, and Field Service to name a few. These functions are available but at an additional monthly cost. This might be understandable if the basic monthly subscription for NetSuite was lower than Dynamics 365 Business Central, but it isn’t.

Review from NetSuite Users

“Our requirement was to have full integration (no patching or special interfaces) between CRM, ERP and Payroll. NetSuite falls short by having the payroll as an outsourced third party that we never knew or were told of, never mentioned in the NetSuite contract and then surprise! The payroll module is not fully integrated into the product, we were never told this. In fact, NetSuite outsourced the payroll to a Ceridian Payroll and Tax engine. Can you imagine being forced into this relationship with NetSuite never exposing it to us as a new customer even from day one!”

“This made the ERP and CRM somewhat un-usable for us as the data was not flowing across the module as Ceridian refused to implement Payroll until the ERP was complete, no idea of parallel processing.”