Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 is the Ideal ERP Solution for Small to Medium-size Businesses

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The Dynamics NAV Difference

Join the Microsoft ERP community that has over 106,000 customers worldwide. This scalable ERP system allows users to streamline and automate their business processes without paying for future modules at the time of purchase.

Customer’s choice

Businesses with guidance from TMC can choose how they want to implement and deploy Microsoft Dynamics NAV: on-premise or hosted. What’s more, they can select from a number of subscription options.

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The 8 Must Ask Questions for ERP Selection

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Dynamics NAV 2017: Feature Pack

Dynamics NAV 2017 customers are up and running quickly using RapidStart, allowing users to manage a broad range of functions:

  • Order processing and data analysis
  • Document approvals
  • Track sales and shipping
  • Full spectrum of supply chain management
  • Credit card payment processing
  • Project management
  • Human Resources management
  • Generate financial reports on-premise, or mobile access


Dynamics NAV 2017: New Features for Accounting

Application users benefit from added functionality such as:

  • Payment Reconciliation Journal: details about open entries and matched data
  • Text-to-Account Mapping
  • Batch suggestions: Vendor payables, for example
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017Outlook

Dynamics NAV 2017 is now extended into Microsoft Outlook, feel free to like and comment on the video to improve our content.

Manage Data Encryption

To complement the Bank Data Conversion Service options, users can encrypt data via the NAV Server.

Use Office 365 for Report Layouts

Previous NAV versions were based on RDLC. Now, by using Word in Office 365, reports can be created, viewed and printed from mobile devices.

The growth of Microsoft ERP software

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8 must ask questions for ERP selection