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What is Dynamics 365 and how does it work?

Dynamics 365 is unique from all other ERP systems because it empowers users to utilize the Microsoft stack and work inside of MS Outlook while handling financials, sales, purchasing, CRM and other related tasks. Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps will use a common data model that is shared with Microsoft 365 Business. Microsoft’s goal is to simplify data management across apps and business processes. This will redefine business processes and eliminate historical boundaries between CRM and ERP.

Dynamics 365 is the next generation of business apps in the cloud. This is specifically unique to the ERP marketplace and these apps bring together the full power of the Microsoft stack across productivity, advanced analytics, Power BI, and IoT, with the strength of Azure and a new application platform and common data model.

With addition to specifically unique to ERP marketplace, Technology Management Concept’s tailored Dynamics 365 training, empowers your employees to be master of the ERP product. Prior to the training, we will help your company choose the perfect Dynamic 365 product. A good fit for a seamless Dynamics 365 implementation.

The Dynamics 365 name reflects the significance of the offering and the coming together of the two worlds structured business processes and unstructured personal productivity so companies can achieve more.

Dynamics 365 Editions – Introduction
select the edition that meets the needs of your large or small business, now and down the road.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain

The Dynamics 365 Business Central is targeted for organizations with 10-250 employees and uses the new ERP system called Dynamics 365 Business Central with the codename of “Tenerife”.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is based on Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision).

The Sales app and Marketing app for Business Edition is not currently available.

The Business Central edition does not offer dual use rights for on-premises (server) deployment.  There is no minimum number of users, but the maximum is 300 named users.

  • Optimized for 10-250 Employees

  • Financials

  • Sales and Marketing Apps (coming soon)

  • Cloud Only

  • 300 seat maximum

The Enterprise edition of Dynamics 365 is optimized for organizations with over 250 employees. It includes Dynamics AX called Dynamics 365 for Operations as its ERP component. There is a minimum user count of 20 users for Enterprise edition plan 2 and Dynamics CRM for Operations (included in plan 2).

The Enterprise edition subscriptions include dual use rights allowing use of the on-premises software where applicable.

These subscriptions also include and accrue (based on user count) larger amounts of storage capacity than Dynamics CRM Online.

  • Optimized for 250+ Employees

  • Comprises CRMOL and AX

  • Online deployment

  • On Premises dual use rights

  • 20 user minimum on AX related SKUs

How to Choose - TIPS

The number of employees in your organization is not the best indicator of which edition is most appropriate, because some of the products in the Enterprise edition, such as Field Service and Project Service, are suitable for organizations of all sizes. You may also want to choose Enterprise plan 1 if you don’t want to wait for the Business edition apps for Sales and Marketing.

Team Members Subscriptions
Both Enterprise and Business editions offer a limited use subscription at a significant discount call Team Members.  Users are granted appropriate rights for their roles — Enterprise and Business editions give different features to Team Members. Customers can mix and match the editions as well as app, plan, and team member pricing.  This means that you must take a close look at your user community in order to buy the correct combination of subscriptions.  Some customers will receive cost savings, especially those with a larger user base and a high number of Team Member subscriptions.

Integrates seamlessly All the Apps your business needs.

dynamics 365 sales

Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)


Get intelligence from your data and generate revenue.

dynamics 365 customer service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Customer Service

World-class customer services to keep your customer for life.

dynamics 365 operations

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Finance & Operations

Increase operations efficiency with data-driven objectives.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Field Service

Become a service call expert with predictive tool and better scheduling.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Project Service Automation

With automated tools, the relations you build are more profitable.

Dynamics 365 Marketing


Make your customer experience amazing with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Enable Corporate Agility with Microsoft Dynamics 365

1. Connect Your Business.

Quote to cash, all within Outlook – Create quotes, process orders, and submit invoices without leaving Outlook. Access live Microsoft Dynamics 365 data directly from Microsoft Excel to read, write, and update Items, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders. Customize outgoing documents such as quotes and invoices in Word.

Add industry-specific apps with ease – Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 to fit industry or business needs with integrated add-on apps. Connect to data sources and services — Excel files, SharePoint lists and CRM records with Microsoft PowerApps.

Automate and secure business processes – Streamline business processes with easy-to-create workflows to synchronize files, route documents, and compose recurrent reports. Ensure compliance with audit trails and enterprise-level security.

Deploy a single, comprehensive solution


Automatically pull systems and processes together to manage financials, sales, service, and operations. Connect with 3rd party applications like payroll, banking, CRM, or industry-specific systems.

2. Make Better Decisions.

End-to-end view of your business

Centralize data from accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory to get an accurate view of your business. Real-time data updates help you spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver great customer experiences.

Gain deeper insights with advanced analytics

Perform ad hoc, customized reporting by analyzing data across multiple dimensions. Create custom dashboards for real-time analysis using Microsoft Power BI.

3. Start and Grow Easily

Request a Dynamics 365 BE Trial  

Fast from the start

Handle business processes like quotes, orders, invoicing, purchasing, cash management, and reporting, from day one Built in the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easy to set up and manage.

Looks and feels like Office

Drive quicker adoption and reduce training time with the same easy-to-use interface as the Office tools you already know.

Work where your business takes you

Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone you get the same powerful capabilities and rich functionality. Get one experience that’s consistent and secure across Windows, iOS, and Android.

Be ready for growth

Start with what you need and grow at your own pace to run your business securely in the trusted Microsoft cloud. Easily manage growth using flexible licensing plans, adaptable business applications, and a scalable database.

dynamics 365 business central factsheet