TMC people being trained on Microsoft Dynamics

We all know the famous four letter word of 21st century enterprise business:  DATA. Whether it is inventory, manufacturing, accounting, human resources, or even business intelligence, data management is crucial to “survival of the fittest” in enterprise business. Obviously, data requires something to manage it; this isn’t medieval times so rather than have people sitting there with quills, parchment paper and some form of ancient calculator, we all turn to software and that’s where Microsoft Dynamics Nav Training enters into the equation.

That’s not to say that we as humans are worthless in data management. Inasmuch as data is virtually useless without software to manage it, software is just as useless without the knowledge of how to use it. Ultimately, knowing how to use Microsoft Dynamics implies training.  Training provides your business team with the knowledge and skill to implement the software to manage your organization’s data. So what’s the final answer? TMC’s Microsoft Dynamics Training.

Why train with TMC?

It’s clear that a business that wants a competitive “edge” is most often implementing ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics. In order to push that competitive “edge” to its very limit, you need proper training integrated specifically with your organization and that’s exactly what TMC’s tailored training options will do for you.

First, our TMC Certified Consultants make training interesting and enjoyable, a prerequisite for effective learning. Next, we don’t just instruct your team on how to use the software, but how to use the software using your organization’s own data and system information. Not only does this provide the knowledge to use the software, but it gives your employees an advantage in the learning process by using data that they use every day. This is true integrative learning, and might help you get some work done in the mean time!

A variety of training venues

Finally, we offer a variety of training venues. We can design custom training delivered on site to your team, classroom training for groups, web-based training, and/or a combination of venues. We even offer a Train The Trainer course. Our flexibility is here to facilitate your training needs and make the process as easy for you as possible.

You want the best solution for managing your business data. You also want to give your employees the ability to use the software to its fullest extent to manage your data. You need training that integrates how to use the software with your specific firm’s ERP in mind. We can do that at TMC.