Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Fact and Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the newest product that Microsoft has introduced in the Dynamics ERP line. It seeks to merge the Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite with the Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) component and arrive at a cloud-based offering. This new collaboration will use Microsoft Azure as its cloud platform. The focus by Microsoft with Dynamics 365 is to create a standard and logical setup which basically serves as a shared, collaborative application platform.

One of the primary goals of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to provide the flexibility to support all the different varieties of users, while at the same time offering the most user-friendly experience possible. In order to achieve this objective, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will contain the following features:

Logical Navigation

The start screen of MS Dynamics 365 functions as a dashboard for your business. The company’s performance metrics are illustrated in a summary format. In addition, navigating to the most common functions (orders, invoices, and quotes) is efficient and fast. Adding to the ease of transition between different areas is a sidebar, which is able to be collapsed. One of the most user-friendly and handy features is the action ribbon. This serves as a storage spot for your favorite actions, reports, and tools contained in the Dynamics 365 system.

Advanced Multi-Faceted Outlook

Everyone who has ever used a PC is no doubt familiar with Outlook, Microsoft’s tried and true email provider.

However, what makes Outlook exceptionally powerful and basically stand-alone as a one-stop-shopping program is the way that Office 365 is integrated with Dynamics 365. You are able to create quotes, prepare invoices for customers, review orders (and modify them as necessary). In addition, there’s the option to access all of your customer accounts within Outlook. This is especially important to smaller businesses.

Ability for Automation through Microsoft Flow

This feature of MS Dynamics 365 allows you to create a basic one step “flow” that sends out notice to your entire team when an item is updated or changed. You also have the option of formulating a more in-depth, multi-step flow. The obvious benefit of this is that the process becomes automated after being created, which results in a higher level of team performance, efficiency, and productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 does a brilliant job of combining the ERP and CRM components of Dynamics into a sleek, user-friendly product. The logical, easy navigation from the home page (where everything is centrally-located), the new and improved Outlook, and the automation capabilities introduced with Microsoft Flow are all unique new features that help set Microsoft Dynamics 365 apart.

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