Welcome to the Feature of the Day series for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2! Each day we will highlight one or two new features that will showcase the new functionality coming soon. 

Feature 9 – Increase Dynamics GP password maximum length and a password expiration notification

Double the fun on Friday with 2 more new features for #GP2018R2. The Features of the Day are Increased Dynamics GP password maximum length and a password expiration notification. The maximum length for the password in SQL is 21 and we have matched that so now the maximum password length is the same for Dynamics GP.


The second feature is a new notification when your password is about to expire so you have 7 days to think of a new password. 



Feature 10 – Email Customer Statements

Today’s Feature of the Day is all about convenience of sending customer statements. In #GP2018R2 you can Email Customer Statements directly in the Customer Maintenance window. A new Email option is available in the ribbon that will automatically send the statement to the email address setup for the customer. 



Feature 11 – Duplicate Check Numbers option extended

Another great feature for #GP2018R2 is in Financials. In Checkbook Maintenance the option to allow or not allow Duplicate Check Numbers has been extended to Bank Transaction Entry, Payroll Manual Checks and Miscellaneous Checks. This means that if this option is not checked duplicate checks are not allowed in these three windows. Previously, this option only applied to Payables checkbooks but now it includes:

Bank Transaction Entry – Payroll Manual Checks – Miscellaneous Checks



Feature 12 – Three Payroll features!

For today’s post we will dive into Payroll as we have three new features coming in #GP2018R2. 

The first feature is a new Start Date and End Date for each pay codein the Employee Pay Code Maintenance window. This is used when building the check run as to whether to include the selected pay codes. So if the check run is before the start date or after the end date, that pay code will not be included.


The second feature is a shared maximum benefit and deduction code in Payroll. A new window, Ded/Ben Shared Limit Setup, allows you to setup a calendar year maximum for multiple benefit and deduction codes. When the check run is processed, it will look at the year-to-date amount and compare it to the calendar year max in this new window. 


The third feature is new totals print on the Payroll Check Register report for FICA. A new Total FICA Owed, Total Employee FICA owed, and totals for both FICA Medicare and FICA Social Security all print on the payroll check register report. 



Feature 13 – Checkbook ID defaults on check batch & option to not display inactive checkbooks in lookup

Another Friday two-for-one deal on Feature of the Day for #GP2018R2. We are simplifying the default checkbook on batches and making the lookup easier with an option to not see inactive checkbooks.

When creating a computer check batch the Default Checkbook ID from Payables Management Setup will now default in the Payables Batch Entry window for Computer Checks. The Checkbook ID also defaults in the Select Payments and Edit Payment Batch window.


The second feature is a new option to hide inactive checkbooks in the lookup. You can use the new option Exclude Inactive Checkbooks in the checkbook lookup and set it as your default lookup. 



Feature 14 – SmartList and Navigation Lists enhancements

Check out the three enhancements for the #GP2018R2 Feature of the Day today. Exciting things are happening for this new release. 

The first feature is SmartList Designer Favorites will now display in the navigation lists. So now any SmartList that was created using SmartList Designer will now appear in the SmartList navigation Lists. 


The second SmartList feature is the Letter Writing Assistant works in the web client now. When in the SmartList window and you click on the Word option, the templates are available as they are in the windows client. 


The last feature today is the ability to mass update a group of master records from the Navigation Lists. In the navigation list you can inactivate and reactive multiple records at the same time for the following: 

Accounts – Checkbooks – Customers – Vendors – Items – Employees

In the vendor navigation lists you can also mass update the temporary status.

visual indicator quickly lets you know the status of these records as well.



Feature 15 – Additional sort options in SOP and Customer Combiner retains ship to addresses

Feature of the Day for #GP2018R2 makes a stop in the Sales area for two more new features. Additional sort options are available in the Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry windowand when you use the customer combiner the ship to addresses are now retained for the combined customer. 

In the Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry window a Sort By option is now available. This lets users quickly find the information they are looking for because now they can sort by these fields:

Document Number – Document Type – Item Number – Document Date – Customer ID

Users can now easily change the scrolling window display with this sort by option in ascending and descending order.


When using the customer combiner tool to combine two customer records the ship to address will now be retained



Feature 16 – Partial purchase on PO and email PO Other Form

Your lucky day, we have two more #GP2018R2 Features of the Day. Wow! The purchasing series is the focus today with a new feature to allow a partial purchase on a purchase order when creating the PO from a purchase requisition. The second feature is the ability to email the PO Other Template from Purchase Order Entry.

When creating a purchase order from a purchase requisition you now have the option to change the quantity on the PO. So if the purchase requisition has a quantity of 100, when the PO is created you can change that quantity to something less, like 90. The remaining quantity is then canceled on the purchase order. 


In the Purchase Order Entry window the Email button now has both the Blank Paper and Other Form so you have options when sending the purchase order to the vendor.