Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful solution that stands out for empowering sales teams (cue the heroic music!). Focused on automation, contextual insights, and AI, Dynamics 365 Sales transforms the selling experience.

This CRM tool not only makes sales teams more collaborative and efficient but also contributes to significant time and cost savings by automating workflows and reducing manual tasks.

Impactful Results

Its impact is evident in the ability to expedite deal closures, elevate sales productivity, and ultimately boost overall revenue. A noteworthy study by Forrester Consulting delves into the tangible benefits organizations have experienced with Dynamics 365 Sales. Revealing a 215 percent return on investment (ROI) over three years, a seven-month payback period, and a 15 percent increase in seller efficiency, these findings underscore the substantial impact and cost-effectiveness of this CRM solution. Having said that, let’s explore the top features within Dynamics 365 Sales that can significantly boost productivity for your sales team.

Top Features in Dynamics 365 Sales to Increase Productivity

AI-powered Features

Copilot in Dynamics 365

This virtual assistant leverages AI to provide insights, automate tasks, and suggest next best actions, ultimately saving valuable time and effort for sellers.

AI-generated Summaries

Summaries for Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities offer quick overviews of key information, aiding sellers in staying focused and prioritizing tasks effectively.

Meeting Preparation Notes

AI-powered suggestions for talking points and questions based on meeting participants and CRM data ensure well-prepared calls, enhancing the quality of interactions.

Improved Sales Workflow

Enhanced Sequences

Personalized and account-based engagement with step visibility, performance tracking, custom templates, and automated replies streamline lead nurturing processes.

New Opportunity Management Workspace

A revamped workspace with streamlined navigation and improved data visualization facilitates better deal management, boosting overall efficiency.

Up Next Widget Enhancements

Personalized next steps and actionable insights guide sellers towards their most crucial tasks, increasing focus and efficiency.

Sales Accelerator (Premium Feature)

This feature offers guided selling methodologies, playbooks, and content to support effective sales conversations and shorten the sales cycle.

Automation and Integration

Workflows and Automation

Automate repetitive tasks like data entry, email reminders, and lead qualification, freeing up more time for valuable selling activities.

Outlook Integration

Seamless access and updating of CRM data within the Outlook inbox eliminate context switching, streamlining workflows for enhanced productivity.

Microsoft Viva Sales

Access key sales information and insights directly within Teams and Outlook, fostering seamless collaboration and data sharing between sales and other teams.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central brings numerous benefits when integrating CRM and ERP systems, including improved productivity and streamlined business processes.

Collaboration and Communication

Teams Integration

Conduct sales calls, share dashboards, and collaborate on deals directly within Teams, promoting better communication and teamwork.

SMS Communication

Facilitate customer communication through SMS, providing a convenient and immediate channel for ongoing conversations.

Seizing the Future with Dynamics 365 Sales

With AI’s skyrocketing popularity and the corporate sprint towards system modernization, integrating Dynamics 365 Sales innovative features into your business processes is not just a smart move, but an essential one. Now is the opportunity to position your business at the forefront, ensuring you harness these cutting-edge features for your team’s success. As your business scales, it’s crucial to avoid being left in the dust by competitors.

Partnering with a trusted and forward-thinking Microsoft expert like TMC is your key to navigating this transformative journey. Boasting over 550 years of combined Dynamics consulting experience, our team of specialists is uniquely equipped to guide you through implementation with tailored solutions that align with your business’s unique complexities. No one-size-fits-all solutions here—we understand that each business has its intricacies.

For personalized guidance on Dynamics 365 Sales implementation and to explore how this powerhouse solution seamlessly fits into the fabric of your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to TMC. Your journey to enhanced productivity and growth begins with a conversation.