Before Copilot existed, sales teams spent too much time managing complex customer relationships and performing manual tasks, leading to inefficient lead management. These challenges ultimately delayed the capture of their leads and opportunities. Does this sound familiar?

If so, keep reading. 

Now, with Copilot being natively integrated into all Microsoft Dynamics 365 products including Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM), early adopters are reporting the following statistics: 

  • 70% of Copilot users said they were more productive, and 68% said it improved the quality of their work. 
  • Overall, users were 29% faster in a series of tasks (searching, writing, and summarizing). 
  • Users were able to get caught up on a missed meeting nearly 4x faster. 
  • 64% of users said Copilot helps them spend less time processing email. 
  • 85% of users said Copilot helps them get to a good first draft faster. 
  • 75% of users said Copilot “saves me time by finding whatever I need in my files.” 
  • 77% of users said once they used Copilot, they didn’t want to give it up. 

– Work Trend Index Special Report 

The statistics are impressive, and it’s only going to get better as users continue to provide input. If you’re already in the Microsoft ecosystem – meaning you’re a user of any Microsoft product, including Microsoft 365 or Teams – integrating D365 Sales will be even more powerful for you. You’ll be able to use Copilot across all these interconnected systems. Pretty cool, right? 

That said, if you’re looking to optimize your CRM system and want to learn how Copilot in D365 Sales can benefit your team, this blog is for you. Let’s dive into the benefits and features. 

Benefits of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales  

Enhanced Productivity

By automating routine tasks, your sales team can concentrate on vital tasks like establishing connections with customers and securing transactions. 

Improved Data Accuracy

Using Copilot in D365 Sales assures precise data through automated input and updates, mitigating mistakes linked with manual entry.

Personalized Customer Interactions

Real-time insights into customer preferences provide sales teams with the ability to customize engagements and tailor offerings to suit each customer’s needs. 

Streamlined Lead Management

D365 Sales uses AI-driven lead scoring and prioritization that empowers sales teams to pinpoint potential prospects, resulting in a more effective management of leads.

Enhanced Sales Forecasting

Users can use Copilot’s predictive analytics for precise sales projections and improved resource management, propelling opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, ultimately boosting revenue growth.

Real-time Guidance

Access to real-time suggestions empowers sales team to make smarter decision-making during customer interactions, thus enhancing the complete customer journey. For example, when a sales rep is negotiating a deal, Copilot can analyze the buyer’s past purchases and propose related items or services that may catch their eye. This paves the way for sales teams to close deals more efficiently and amplify the comprehensive customer experience. 

Seamless Integration with Other Microsoft apps

Integration with other Microsoft apps (e.g. D365 BC, Marketing, Azure, CRM, PowerPlatform) enhances the value proposition of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales by providing sales teams with a unified platform for communication, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making. 

Features of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales 

  • Automated Data Entry: CoPilot streamlines data handling by extracting pertinent details from emails, calendars, and other sources, subsequently updating CRM records as needed. 
  • AI-powered Lead Scoring: Copilot in D365 Sales scores leads based on factors such as engagement history, demographic data, and buying signals, helping sales teams prioritize their efforts effectively. 
  • Intelligent Email Assistance: Copilot and D365 Sales integration provide users with intelligent email assistance by recommending customized replies, follow-up action, and future step according to the context and content of your email.
  • Predictive Analytics: Copilot utilizes predictive analytics to forecast sales opportunities, identify potential risks, and recommend actions to improve sales performance.
  • Conversation Insights: Copilot analyzes email and meeting conversations to extract valuable insights, such as key topics discussed, sentiment analysis, and action items, aiding in more productive follow-up discussions. 
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: Copilot effortlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 tools like Outlook and Teams, creating a cohesive platform for sales collaboration. It enables sellers to record, retrieve, and revise CRM data directly from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Moreover, it has capabilities such as Teams recording summaries and email content generation. 
  • Integration with other D365 solutions: Copilot’s integration with other D365 applications such as Dynamics 365 Business Central allows it to adapt its insights by utilizing the amalgamated CRM and ERP data. This facilitates customized interactions which, in turn, nurture more robust customer relationships.

Optimize Your CRM System with Guidance 

Copilot is a powerful tool that has already helped many businesses improve their sales processes and customer relationships. If you want your team to take advantage of benefits such as quick access to information, real-time insights, and improved collaboration, explore how Dynamics 365 Sales can work for your unique business requirements and goals! 

Working with a Microsoft solution partner like TMC can help you understand and get the most out of Copilot and Dynamics 365 Sales. Our team has extensive experience in implementing and customizing Microsoft solutions for various industries and business needs. When you partner with us, we’ll guide you through the process of integrating Copilot with your CRM system, ensuring that you have the right data, workflows, and security in place. TMC has been providing training and support to help clients improve workflows for efficiency for years and can assist you as well.