Do you need an Enterprise Resource Planning system?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems used to be just for the “big guys”–companies so large that they required a comprehensive system to track and optimally implement their resources. Logically, however, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from ERP systems and, thanks to ERP vendors such as Technology Management Concepts (TMC), businesses of all sizes can take advantage of Enterprise Resource Planning software.

enterprise resource planning systems

Enterprise Resource Planning with TMC

TMC has a passion for software, and for helping businesses succeed by matching them with the ERP training and software that will best serve their purposes. They specialize in Microsoft Dynamics products and can help you choose which Enterprise Resource Planning system is right for your company.

TMC will get to know everything about your business, the challenges you face, and what you need from ERP software. Whether you want on-site hosted software or cloud-based, whether you want to better manage human resource, supply chains, budgets, customer relationships, accounting, logistics, or all of it, TMC will help you select software that is versatile, flexible, and accessible from almost anywhere to give you more control of your company.

We Can Provide Experienced Support

Just as important as finding the best system for your business is the service and support TMC provides after you have made a software selection. Many companies know exactly what they want from Enterprise Resource Planning systems, but become overwhelmed when it’s time for implementation–and that’s in addition to the stress of learning a new system. TMC is in it with you for the duration, though, with on-site or classroom training for your team plus a proprietary implementation method formulated from years of experience that results in low-risk and seamless implementation. Plus, TMC uses data from your legacy system for hands-on training with your employees to ease the learning curve with information they are used to working with. We are the go-to company for Dynamics training.

You may already be sold on the idea of software for Enterprise Resource Planning, and just need to know which way to go to take the next step. Technology Management Concepts can help you take that next step, and lead you in a profitable direction.


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