Dynamics 365 Integrates with Dynamics ERP Software - Task Automation

Dynamics 365 integrates with Dynamics ERP software; better task automation and customer analytics.

SMB owners of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software will have an added capability to integrate customer sales information into their existing ERP platforms: Microsoft Dynamics 365, due out in October 2016, will leverage the technology stack, such as Azure’s cloud services, to perform an array of tasks in financials, sales, purchasing and CRM-related analytics.

No longer will small manufacturers and distributors, for example, need to rely on a number of non-integrated programs that pulls in customer data for analytical purposes. Now, Dynamics 365, working through Microsoft Outlook, will bring together both the ERP and CRM opportunities for better automation and predictive capabilities.

Dynamics 365 will provide users with a wide-range of customer data with visuals to better gauge customer interactions and preferences. Doing so will help identify customer issues with the potential to offer more immediate solutions. No doubt, this will aid in efforts to build customer confidence with the company’s brand.

As noted on Searchcrm.techtarget, the benefits of Dynamics 365 in conjunction with Dynamics ERP software goes beyond not having to enter data into two separate platforms:

“‘The easier it is for companies to have that view (CRM), to analyze the transactional data along with the engagement data – it provides a competitive advantage.'”

With Microsoft’s stepping up to buy LinkedIn, along with the existing “social networking data” already a part of Dynamics 365, will make for a robust business processing and customer relationship management package.

Technology Management Concepts is a partner with Microsoft’s ‘Early Adopter’ program. This means its TMC customers will have access to Dynamics 365 well before other vendor offerings.

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