Both Microsoft Dynamics and Sage are platforms that play a significant role to improve Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, among other aspects of businesses. Though they serve almost the same purpose, you will reap more from Microsoft Dynamics. Here are some things to consider when comparing Microsoft Dynamics vs. Sage:


If you plan to acquire Sage, you should prepare to part with some substantial amount of money in comparison to what one will pay should you opt for Microsoft Dynamics. If your business is small, you will be at a loss in this case because such expensive software may impact on your finances directly. Also Sage is constantly acquiring new products instead of enhancing them internally. They have a much smaller development team than Microsoft, so when you need to “upgrade”, that means you will be switching to a different software under the Sage software umbrella. Microsoft has 5 year roadmaps for all their Microsoft Dynamics products that they update bi-annually, so you can rest assured your product will be there for the long run. When it comes to cost friendliness, Microsoft Dynamics is a better option.


Some of the flexibility you will experience with Microsoft Dynamics especially with the add-ons, which it supports to a great extent, is not something you may realize with Sage. In addition to this, Sage is rigid in several other areas, and this denies you a flexible environment on which to work. This means that if those areas are critical for your operations, then a slowdown is imminent because this curtails reliability and efficiency.

Export to Excel

Exporting to Excel with Sage is quite a task. First of all, numbers appear in different cells while the “wrap text” is on almost all the time. The way out in this case is to export in CVS format or format the data, which is another long process. Since Microsoft Dynamics imports information fast and easily, one can expect to have the same experience as they export. This is obvious since Microsoft also develops Microsoft Office and the Excel platform (the developers actually work in the same office for Office 365 and Dynamics). This is another reason why in this battle of Microsoft Dynamics vs. Sage, Microsoft is the clear winner.

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