‘Tis the  Season for holiday celebrations, and for those SMBs still chained to their legacy software, like the ghost from Christmas past,  investing in the right ERP platform most certainly will unchain their business from a host of antiquated offerings.

For some, the key will be to move from QuickBooks to a more robust platform with both ERP and CRM features. Such choices will provide them with a single database management systems stacked with much more than just accounting functions.

For others, the change may be defined by migrating from a Sage product that is getting a bit long-in-the-tooth to today’s newest technology, NetSuite ERP software. The former represents a platform unable to provide transparency throughout the organization. This can result in a heavy reliance on spreadsheet after spreadsheet with little connectivity to the inner-health of the compan y.

Today’s ERP platform reflects just how far business tools have evolved since the Great Recession of 2008. Back then, a manufacturer, for example, may have had dealings with just a single vendor for their parts. But now, the times call for more systems that will provide “analytics, automation and mobility.”

As such, new supply chains have been nurtured, and with this change comes more angst in dealing with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)—the ability to send info in a standard format electronically. Consequently, and in this case, global companies can do business with their “trading partners.”

As noted in the report on “The State of the Manufacturing ERP Systems:”

“…manufacturers want the ability to analyze their data continuously…Whether that’s in the area of production and employee productivity or customer trends for payment.”

Technology Management Concepts (TMC) understands the fluidity needed among manufacturers today: they must know when to stop investing in new infrastructure for on-premise only solutions. Contact us to learn more about the process of migrating to NetSuite ERP, a completely scalable solution for those chained to non-performing business tools.