Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks

  • Create SmartList Favorite within Smartlist Builder
  • Add Search Criteria
  • Add Columns & Change Display Names

Add ‘Customer Name’ and ‘Document Date’ Columns
Change Display Name ‘QYT’ to Quantity
Change Display Name ‘Extended Cost’ to ‘Cost’
Change Display Name ‘Extended Price’ to ‘Sales’
Click ‘OK’

  • Save SmartList Favorite
  • Export to Excel
  • Begin Recording of Excel Macro
  • Create Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

Data > PivotTable and PivotChart Report > Finish

  • Drag Customer Name to Rows
  • Drag Sales and Cost to Data Items
  • Drag Data Column Over Total
  • Format Sales and Cost Columns as Currency
  • Select Cell Format; Set to ‘Currency’ Category
  • Create Calculated Field

Click ‘PivotTable’ on Pivot Table Toolbar
Click ‘Formulas’ and Select ‘Calculated Field’
Enter Name ‘Gross Profit’
Enter Formula: =Sales-Cost
Click ‘Add’ Button and ‘OK’

  • Sort and Top 10

Click ‘PivotTable’ on Pivot Table Toolbar
Click Customer Name Heading in PivotTable
Click ‘PivotTable’ on Pivot Table Toolbar
Click ‘Sort and Top 10’
Click Top 10 AutoShow ‘On’ Using Field: Sum of Sales
Click ‘AutoSort Options’: Descending
Click ‘OK’

  • Format Report
  • Click ‘PivotTable’ on Pivot Table Toolbar
  • Select Report Format
  • Click Report 4 Format
  • Create PivotChart

Click ‘PivotTable’ on Pivot Table Toolbar
Click ‘PivotChart’
Right Click Chart Area and Click ‘Chart Type’

  • Select Chart Type

Select First Chart Type
Click ‘OK’

  • Stop Recording Excel Macro

Tools>Macro>Stop Recording

Save As “Excel Template”

Delete Chart 1 and Sheet 4 Worksheets
Clear Sheet 1 (Ctrl+A > Delete)

  • Resave Template and Close Excel
  • Create SmartList Export Solution in Great Plains Smartlist Builder

Click ‘Smartlist’ Button on Menu Bar > Select Saved SmartList Favorite > Extras > SmartList > Export Solutions

  • Run Export Solution

Open ‘SmartList’ inSmartlist Builder
Click Saved SmartList Favorite
Click ‘Excel’ Button
Select Export Solution

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