How to Select a Microsoft Partner to Support Your Dynamics 365 Apps

When starting your digital transformation, picking the right Microsoft Partner is crucial. Your Microsoft partner handles the implementation, training, and continuous improvement of your MS technology. The reality is that when selecting a Digital Transformation – Microsoft partner, you must consider various factors.

Choosing the right Microsoft partner is crucial because:

  • The partner helps in solution implementation and automating your business processes
  • The partner trains your team on setup and use
  • The partner will support how to use the solution daily by solving issues that crop up and answering questions.

Here are some of the factors to consider:

1-  Customer Support

Look for a partner who offers you the best customer support. The partner must be very prompt in communication with your team. All businesses are different, and your Microsoft partner must understand your business needs. The best Microsoft partner approaches each business with this in mind.

2-  Microsoft Certification Level

You should check the Microsoft certification level of your chosen Microsoft partner. Gold and silver certification levels require the technician to attend classes and meet specific standards. The gold and silver courses are unique per Microsoft program, and you can choose, and filter partners based on their specialization.

A Partner with Silver competency is among the top 5% of partners worldwide and must complete the rigorous training by Microsoft. Gold certification is the highest a Microsoft partner can get. These partners are among the best 1% of Microsoft partners globally.

3-  Ongoing Support

The best Microsoft partner offers ongoing support after the system is running. Ensure you discuss with the partner staff training as part of the contract. Written documentation and training the trainer are good ways to ensure you can access the experts if you have any questions about the system.


What Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your Microsoft Partner

When selecting a Microsoft partner, here are some of the mistakes you should avoid:

  • Not Having a Plan

Like any project, you must have a project plan before starting the digital transformation. Without a plan, you might lead to data loss or significant downtime. Ensure the partner has the right qualifications to avoid costly losses. The deployed tools should improve your core business processes. The platform should allow you faster collaboration among employees and customers.

  • Not Choosing a Microsoft Partner

A Microsoft partner will help you choose the best Microsoft 365 package for your business. Involve your employees in the process. They need to tell you what they need and think will work. An updated solution will help them boost productivity, accomplish goals and streamline their workflow. To this end, a Microsoft partner will advise you in the context of your business needs.

  • Not Doing Due Diligence

Not all Microsoft Partners are the same. Before choosing one, ask around for references and their methodologies. Ensure you check their competencies before you engage them.


Have no fear… We’ve got you!

Over time, needs and conditions may change for a company, and what may have seemed like a smooth and satisfactory relationship with your ERP/CRM partner, no longer fits your current state and requirements. There can be many reasons for this change or even a combination of them.

Companies change their Microsoft Partner mainly because of lack of support, the need to move to the cloud, larger projects their current partner can’t support, lack of specific industry expertise by their current partner, etc. It is usually around 1-2 years that a Dynamics customer will stick with their current partner if things aren’t “going well” before they plan on making a change. Mainly because it’s all too new and too expensive to make a move before that.

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