SMB Issues That a Dynamics 365 Partner Can Help You Address.jpg

When speaking with small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients, what we have learned is that many business owners have trouble answering several important questions that hold the keys to efficiency, profitability, and growth:

  • How can you better manage your sales pipeline?
  • Do you know which vendors offer the best terms and products?
  • How can your sales team enhance their mobile productivity?
  • How can you automate your manual business processes?
  • Are you focusing on the right opportunities?
  • What is the source of your next big opportunity?
  • What are your profit margins?
  • Who are your most profitable customers?

Microsoft has a long history of offering software that provides businesses with quick access to quantitative data, as well as direction and guidance when it comes to answering qualitative questions that affect a company’s bottom line. Prior to 2016, however, it wasn’t possible to get all of that information in one place. With the release of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has created an opportunity for SMBs to streamline their operations by integrating the functionality of the Dynamics line of products with that of Office 365.

Thanks to the Common Data Model employed by Dynamics 365, “all of your business apps [will] be able to speak the same language about the information you care about.” For example, suppose that you’re working with a lead in your CRM software. Ideally, a “lead” in your CRM app should have the same meaning as a “lead” in your marketing app, and the two programs should be able to communicate natively. Historically, this hasn’t been an easy task to accomplish, which you would know all too well if you’ve ever had to make one line-of-business software program “talk” to another.

That problem goes away with Dynamics 365 because it gives you instant access to mission-critical information via tools that your staff are already familiar with. Your employees will be able to see real-time customer information all in one place to achieve data consistency across multiple apps. A Dynamics 365 Partner can show you specifically the best way to address your SMB needs with the latest technology from Microsoft and aim for a smooth Dynamics 365 implementation with your company. Contact us to begin your guided path to realizing streamlined operations and processes.