Non Profit ERP can Help Your Organization to Help Others

For many people the very idea of non profit erp is a contradiction in terms. After all, not-for-profit organizations are all about doing the most good with meager resources; at least that’s the popular perception. Yet it’s this common image of non-profits that makes them ideal candidates for ERP services. Here’s why:

  • Charitable organizations are held under close scrutiny by a variety of entities, including the media and private watchdog groups. There are justifiable reasons for this, of course. As recent coverage of the Wounded Warrior Project shows, even well-meaning people can demonstrate poor money management skills. When this happens in a for-profit enterprise, the results are loss of market share and shareholder concerns. But, when the same thing happens to a charitable foundation, consequences can include public discrediting of the organization and personal disgrace for responsible parties.
  • Sometimes this emphasis on frugality and transparency can prevent non-profits from making wise investments in IT resources. For example, ERP applications can help any organization to monitor its data across all functions. This in turn can enable them to weed out inefficiencies and ensure that every dollar does the most good. Yet paying for server farms and IT staff members can give the appearance of impropriety, even when none exists.
  • Fortunately, there is a cost-effective way for non-profits to enjoy the benefits of modern ERP capabilities. That is to engage the services of a capable services provider like Technology Management Concepts. We can help you to manage every aspect of your organization more effectively. Yet our service-based fee structure offers you these abilities for a minimal investment.

The need for well-managed non-profits will only increase in years to come. ERP and Dynamics 365 implementation is important. ERP will not solve all human problems. But it can help your group to address these challenges more effectively. contact us today to find out more.