ERP Systems Help Non-Profit Organizations Stay On Track

Non-profit organizations may seem less complicated than other types of business, but many of the functions require the same efficient management tasks. Having to deal with planning, accounting, financing, human resources, and donor data management can be overwhelming without the proper tools. This is where non-profit ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) can make these tasks a whole lot easier. Below are some ways that non-profit ERP can help your non-profit organization.

Provides help with unique accounting procedures

The unique operations of a non-profit require a special accounting system. This accounting system must manage donations, and grants according to specific government rules. These are procedures that need to be done on a routine basis to keep the organization on track.

Having this accounting information readily available, will be needed to support the required financial cycle. With all the projects going on during the year, you can really benefit from non-profit ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics GP. This software offers special financial support, designed specifically for non-profit organizations.

Manages various budgets

Non-profit organizations need to manage their tight budgets and make every dollar count. Your employees are focused on making sure your donors are happy, and always searching for new ones. Having an ERP software system to make sure their hard work pays off is critical. There are three budget areas of concern to make this happen, including funding, encumbrances and commitments.

Grant management keeps track of your funding, making sure not to overspend. Encumbrance management helps control your total expenses to keep you on budget . Commitments are managed, keeping unusual budget surprises from occurring, and can be added to the financial statement. ERP training is a good start to giving your non-profit organization the boost it need!

If you want to keep your non-profit on track and enjoy securing grants, then contact us.