Powerful Non Profit ERP for Financial and Grant Management Requirements

What nonprofit and public sector organization doesn’t need a robust financial management software to prepare budgets and track expenses? Plus, add to these requirements the need for grant, or encumbrance management, and today’s ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics GP becomes a viable solution.

Using Dynamics GP for a non profit ERP system provides entities with a single, database management system to deliver real-time data and information—the kind that board members and financial donors require.

GP’s Grant Management module ensures that critical functions, such as grant funding, can be monitored with specific alerts when budgets are not in line. Key to this feature is that all of the data is stored in one central file within the module, thereby allowing users to access it for timely decision making.

But when it comes to project management, the Dynamics GP platform delivers enhanced capabilities in critical areas like allocating staff and volunteers. For example, a director may want to assign specific volunteers and staff to a number of projects. Each of these projects can be monitored, including procurements and even audit trails; furthermore, special reports can be generated reflecting relevant compliance and regulations—sponsors may need such reports to reaffirm their dollar commitments.

By using the cloud-hosting resources within Microsoft Azure, volunteers working from home, or on the road, can collaborate with directors and team members alike. Both Dynamics GP offer SaaS platforms for 24/7 remote access, providing authorized users the capability to modify files and documents.

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