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Business models and processes change, and enterprise software must change with it. When it comes to supporting creative teams and agile methods, ERP cloud software is faster and has greater flexibility than server-bound ERP software. Here is why that is important:

Customization and Cloud ERP Software

According to Forbes contributor Steve Andirolo, no one will recognize SAP, Oracle or Microsoft in ten years. His reasoning: large, generic software workhorses have to unpack their offerings to meet the needs of nimble industries. This cannot be accomplished when broad-based, generic services are located on individual servers. Many large ERP providers are moving their products to the cloud where services are readily available to new clients.


With the rise of ERP cloud software, companies are able to provide a suite of services from which individual companies can choose. The resulting ERP software packages are customized for that company’s workflow and mission. The packages grow with clients and are easily scalable, all without having to stall while systems update.

Security and Updates

Not all employees work from a desk. If your business relies on purchase orders as an essential part of your business process, and if those orders must be received in the field, then your company needs ERP cloud software so that updates and receipts are automatically registered across devices and platforms. Additionally, companies in the financial and healthcare industries must continuously meet regulatory compliance. Cloud-based ERP systems upgrade automatically to fulfill these legal requirements.

Choosing the best ERP cloud software for your agile company means carefully considering your business’ goals and workflows and choosing a package that complements your existing agile workflows. For more information on cloud ERP software, contact us.