Choosing the Best ERP Accounting Software

The best ERP Accounting software is the one that is fully supported and can integrate all your key resources to achieve your business goals. While most ERP software was designed to do the same things like integrate inventory, sales, human resources and accounting, there are some factors to consider before choosing the best ERP software for your business.

Software integration

Having an ERP accounting software that will integrate with your existing software will be easier and more effective. Choosing Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a smart choice if you already use Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint, Outlook and other Microsoft applications. Another way to solve the problem of integrating your existing software with the new ERP accounting software is to choose one that is cloud-based.

Cloud-Based ERP software

In today’s mobile world having a cloud-based ERP system is one of the most important advantages. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of this technology to increase business and flexibility in the marketplace. Most employees and customers have a smartphone or tablet to keep up with everything 24/7. Below are the advantages of cloud-based ERP software.

Employees and customers can reach your company on the go with an internet connection.

Cloud-based ERP is more economical without having to install and maintain it on-site. There is no expensive on-site hardware and you won’t need an IT staff, because the cloud-hosting service takes care of this for you.

Offers a pay-for-what you need at the time and can always be scaled up for growth. It can be 50% cheaper over time with the cloud, than on-site ERP software.

Customizations won’t be lost with upgrades to the system.

ERP Specialist and Partner

Having an experienced ERP specialist and partner to implement and support the software is also the key to success. Choosing a partner that supports your software and offers continuous training is the smartest choice. The best ERP software that lives up to these qualifications is Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Contact us for more information on these top-rated products.