NetSuite: Cloud-based accounting software offers full, "PCI DSS" compliance.

A lot of business owners may push back on the idea that cloud-based accounting software is a viable solution for their growing business. After all, as soon as the data is “in the cloud” all control over the information is lost. Mistakenly, the prevailing thought might be that a cloud-hosting company will have privy to the inner-workings of the company.

That is simply not the case, and stakeholders in the decision process of buying a new accounting platform should consider the many benefits of cloud based accounting software, such as NetSuite.

For example, all of the different modules offered by NetSuite are secure with the provision of updating handled by the cloud-hosting company, thereby eliminating the overhead costs of maintaining extra IT staff.

Furthermore, businesses don’t have to be concerned about extra on-premise security precautions for their accounting software, nor purchase extra servers.

Overall, the cost savings for cloud-based accounting software, like NetSuite, will be found not only in the nominal purchase price, but in other areas as well. On-premise accounting software can be fraught with  install and implementation problems, not to mention the need for an ongoing backup and disaster recovery plan.

Is the cloud just a flash-in-the-pan soon to go the way of other tech trends? According to the view held by Forrester Research, that isn’t about to happen: the “cloud accounting industry is expected to break $2 billion by 2016.”

Still concerned about the security aspects of using the cloud for your accounting software? Contact us. Let us explain further how NetSuite not only is committed to a 99.5% availability, but underscores their security with PCI DSS compliance—surely cost prohibitive with out-of-the-box software.

Written by J.H. (Sales Team)