NetSuite is a powerful cloud-based accounting software with CRM capabilities.

It almost sounds too ideal: a cloud computing, ERP platform to run your business across all departments, from accounting and supply chain management to customer relationship management (CRM).

In fact, NetSuite is pure cloud with over 24,000 customers using the program in over 100 countries worldwide.

The reason for this software’s staying power is the heft it provides business operations, especially in the accounting department. Moreover, in addition to its applicability in the manufacturing industry, the software has proven itself in the service sector as well.

Provides untold flexibility

A lot of on-premise business software is hampered when it comes to tailoring software to business solutions. NetSuite doesn’t force over-customize. Better, the software is designed to mesh with existing processes.

Scales up and down

‘Scalability’ is a huge benefit in any business software, and particularly so for a powerful accounting software like NetSuite. Consequently, businesses are not locked-in to a single system, having made a huge investment while only using a small amount of its potential “horsepower” early-on.

Instead, modules can be added without any special installs or interaction from IT.

Standardized workflow

Surveys have noted that a higher degree of customer satisfaction—and higher customer loyalty—is incurred when service industries handle customer transactions in a standard and consistent way.

Also important is workflow automation, which enhances abilities to see problems early-on and offer resolutions.

Learn how you can use a proven, cloud-based accounting platform to bring more efficiency to your operations. NetSuite software streamlines and automates back office tasks, thereby eliminating repetitive and duplicate data entries. Contact us for a free demo.

Written by J.H. (Sales Team)

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