NetSuite software: A powerful ERP/CRM solution for Berkshire Hathaway's Shaw Industries.

If Warren Buffett is the uncontested investment guru of our time, he is also making good decisions when it comes to choosing the right ERP software to run one of his international holdings.

Berkshire Hathaway, which owns Shaw Industries, deployed NetSuite software for a new, 210,000 square-foot facility in Nantong, China to produce carpets for Asian markets. The choice eliminates the need for an on-premise ERP platform to serve its international operations, thanks to NetSuite’s online platform.

In this instance, NetSuite’s online platform not only integrates with an on-premise Oracle platform but also with custom software running in Shaw’s Dalton, Georgia headquarters. Using this two-tiered ERP approach, NetSuite saved the company extensive capital outlays as well as providing a speedy implementation and deployment solution.

Now, Shaw is able to generate real-time financials gathered from multiple departments domestically and abroad. This capability via NetSuite’s Web portal adds a new level of transparency to Shaw’s operations abroad. Furthermore, the suite provides multi-currency solutions.

What’s more, Shaw benefits from a streamlined production process in their China facility, including a quicker flow of work orders as well as work-in-process. In addition, NetSuite’s cloud platform provides excellent inventory control in multi-location warehouse settings while tracking the distribution of Shaw’s tile and carpet throughout China and Asia.

Ultimately, NetSuite provides Shaw with the capability to respond  growth more quickly, particularly if more subsidiaries are established worldwide.

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