NetSuite OpenAir: Helping Companies Take Flight In The Cloud

Have you ever wondered if there were paper airplanes before the Wright brothers? Logical thinking, one would believe that paper airplanes would be discovered during or around the time of our first manned flight. Oddly though, the invention of papers airplane dates back centuries before Orville and Wilbur Wright took their legendary first flight in 1903. Although simplistic in design, Ancient China was credited with creating the first paper gliders.

Around 500 BCE, China’s paper industry was in full production. With so much paper resources, origami and paper-folding became a vastly popular pastime for the masses. Since the invention of paper, people have been determined to create the perfect paper glider.

The Wright brothers enjoyed creating paper airplanes as well. They were known to use paper  airplane models to aid in their creation of the first flying machine. Now pin-pointing exactly who created the first paper glider would be impossible nor how soon after the idea of “air mail” came into being. We do know how useful paper airplanes are when you’re dealing with a frustrating document in the office. With a few quick folds you have the perfect glider to send your troublesome document right into the trash…that is if you have good aim.

NetSuite is the next best solution offering professional services that makes managing client and employees as well as projects simple and easy. NetSuite OpenAir software is the world’s #1 cloud professional services automation (PSA) solution, providing project-based businesses with powerful project management, resource management, project accounting and timesheet & expenses management capabilities. NetSuite OpenAir gives you options that allow you to streamline your company’s operations.  No longer will it take wasted hours to get updates on project status or track expense reports. OpenAir’s cutting-edge project management software keeps you “in the know” about your projects and whether they are on time and within budget.

NetSuite OpenAir can help you determine if a project is over-budget, man hours used, work performance, how to better allocate your resources and what needs improvement. Imagine if Orville and Wilbur Wright had NetSuite while working in their machine shop. They might have had more time to invent the airplane than have to worry about their other projects and their trash can might not have been filled with so many frustrating paper airplanes. Use NetSuite OpenAir and stop being up in the air about your business.

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