Mark your calendars: SuiteWorld 2012 (Part 3 – Track 5 & 6)

May 13–17, San Francisco, CA

Last year, SuiteWorld, NetSuite’s annual convention and user conference, had over 2,000 participants, and we expect even more this year.  For many attendees, the highlights of SuiteWorld include the detailed breakout sessions, giving attendees a chance to do a deeper dive into those areas of specific interest.  The sessions are divided into 8 “tracks”, and I wanted to highlight those sessions that I thought would be really special.


SuiteWorld Track Five – Ecommerce

What’s New:  Promotions, Browsing, Navigating and Search.  Learn what’s new in NetSuite Ecommerce including multichannel promotions, faster website performance, and an improved “search” capability.  Take home vital tips for your eCommerce system.

NetSuite Reference Store: Creating a Great Experience across Smartphones and Tablets.  Considering expanding your web store presence to smartphones and tablets?  Move beyond a traditional website approach and embrace the world of connected devices and applications.  NetSuite now provides an out-of-the-box reference store that provides an intuitive shopping experience optimized for different devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Maximizing Customer Value:  Combining CRM, Ecommerce and Social.  Put all the pieces together, and utilize multiple systems to reach and maintain contact with your customers.  Use every opportunity to learn more about your customers, regardless of how they chose to interact with you and your company.


SuiteWorld Track Six – Professional Services Automation(PSA) & Services Resource Planning

Realizing the Full ROI of OpenAir: The OpenAir Checkup.  Do you have your OpenAir system configured in the optimal format to meet the needs of your organization?  If you have any doubts, attend this session.  Learn how to manage and operate your OpenAir account to maximize the opportunities presented by changing market conditions.

Extreme Reporting:  Unlock the potential of NetSuite OpenAir Reporting.  Your system is doing a great job of capturing data.  Lots of data.  TONS of data.  However, capturing data is only the first half of the task, and it is the easier of the two halves.  The critical half, and where NetSuite really excels, is in allowing that captured data to be turned into useful information.  The key to exposing that information is in the reporting tools and techniques that will be covered in this class.

End the Spreadsheets!  Using Financial Forecasting in NetSuite OpenAir.  NetSuite’s OpenAir provides powerful financial forecasting tools to predict future staffing requirements, staff utilization, project revenue and margin analysis.

In our next article, we will look at a few of the sessions in Track Seven (Manufacturing, Wholesaler & High Tech Solutions) and Track Eight (Customer Success Insights).

We hope to see you in San Francisco for SuiteWorld 2012

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